Stylish ideas when buying small and modern homes

If you are looking to buy a  small home, you may feel that you are more limited in terms of what you can do with space, but there are plenty of ways you can make a style statement with limited space available. You have two options. You can either buy a house in a basic condition then tailoring it to your needs or you could buy a house that is already in the condition that you want. Whichever option you choose you will need to go through the legal process of the house changing ownership. You will need a conveyancer to do this. They are easy to find across the UK. If you’re interested in a conveyancing solicitors Manchester-based company, then look no further than  If you decide you want to develop what you have then there are some of our favorite ideas in this article.

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You probably know that mirrors are great for bouncing light around a darker property, but they can also give a sense of space. Place mirrors strategically to help corridors seem endless or rooms much bigger.


Too much color or pattern can help to make space look small. Earth tones and neutral shades work best in limited space. If you’re a fan of brighter shades, don’t despair as adding in something bright in accent shades can create a stunning impact.

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Bring the outdoors indoors

Having plants in a home helps to make them feel airier and more natural. With limited space, naturally smaller plants like succulents (which also don’t take much looking after) can be really useful. Read more from Good Housekeeping on how to raise them – You can also create an extra room on a patio using outdoor furniture and a chimenea or fire basket.


Dark corners can make space feel claustrophobic, so make sure that you keep your smaller spaces light and bright. Wall or ceiling lights can bring illumination without taking up too much space.


It goes without saying that having too much stuff can really clutter up smaller properties fast. Make sensible storage solutions, but also think about storing things you aren’t going to be using elsewhere. Family or friends may be able to offer some loft space, or you can pay for storage.


There are a couple of rooms where you can really allow your imagination to shine – the kitchen and the bathroom. Those spaces are expected to be more cluttered, so bring the items you need together with a theme. Industrial kitchens with brushed steel appliances look great, and bathrooms with bright shades can be stunning.

Don’t feel limited by a smaller property. Make careful decisions, plan before you make changes and scour Pinterest for ideas. You’ll soon have a mini home you can be proud of.