Renoir Painting Stolen

Talk of art theft, a famous Renoir painting has been stolen just before it was about to go under auction. Some people may not be able to understand why they would be so much fuss over a painting. However, if that art is valued at more than €160,000, there will be a fuss. Renoir Paintings… Continue reading Renoir Painting Stolen

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Technology & Sport: The Perfect Mix

Modern technology has transformed sport, taking many aspects of the industry onto a whole new level. Data analysis, video tech and the growth of online betting sites are just three of the areas where technology has impacted the sports industry. Some sports, such as American Football, were ahead of the game in embracing technological advancements,… Continue reading Technology & Sport: The Perfect Mix

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How to Have Fun?

With the lives that we live we get so busy from time to time, we barely even have time for ourselves let alone to spend with our family and loved ones. That is why today we want to take it back to the basics and teach everyone out there how to have fun. Not only… Continue reading How to Have Fun?

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