Optimise Your Pallet Delivery – Which Pallet Should Be Used For What

We all know of the normal wooden pallets commonly seen in warehouses or stores. They are cheap, recyclable, and sturdy. But are they the correct type to use for your pallet deliveries? Depending on what goods you are transporting, another type of pallet may be more appropriate. There are several different types of materials that a pallet can be made of and they all have different advantages and disadvantages.

Optimise Your Pallet Delivery – Which Pallet Should Be Used For What

  • Wooden pallets – Most commonly used for their cost effectiveness and durability. They are easy to repair, can be recycled and have higher friction compared to metal and plastic, which are all strong advantages and why they are the most common pallet type. They can, however,be difficult to clean on occasion, which could lead to fungus and bacteria growing if they are allowed to stay damp.
  • Plywood pallets -Lightweight pallets with high durability. Suitable for goods with light to medium weight that still needs strong packaging options. They are less keen to splintering compared to wooden pallets, as they have a smoother surface. They don’t absorb moisture as easily, but if they do the water damage is more sever. Also please note that many warehouses don’t have a setup for this type of pallet, which may limit transportation.
  • Metal / Aluminium pallet – Used for their durability, sanitation advantages and weather resistance. If your pallets are going to be stored outside for longer periods of time or if your goods are heavy in nature, these are your best bet. They are also easy to clean which can be taken advantage of if transporting foods or chemicals. One of the drawbacks of this type of pallet is that they are heavier, and as such may cost more to ship.
  • Plastic Pallets – Durable, weather resistant, light weight and a long lifespan are qualities of the plastic pallets. They are also 100% recyclable as they are melted down and turned into new ones. An excellent choice for transporting acids and alkalis as they are not only resistant to humidity, but also corrosion. The downside of plastic is that if it breaks repairing will be costly, and the price of the pallet is also more expensive compared to wood.

There are, of course, other types of pallets but these are the most commonly used. Hopefully this article can help you choose which pallet to use for your courier needs. As always, if you have special needs in regards to your goods, please contact your shipping provider.

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