Five technology trends shaping recruitment industry

Recruitment industry is undergoing a transition, thanks to the continuous technological developments. Here are the top technology innovations that will change the hiring industry and for good.

We are well past a couple of weeks into 2014 and this is that time of the year when consultants, researchers, so-called experts, and organizations, all are out with their respective sets of predictions for their respective industries. Well, I do not profess to be any one of the above, although having spent my last two years with a leading online recruitment site (whose name I won’t be mentioning obviously, self-promotion is not my way) has put some brain into me regarding the prevailing practices, the future trends and everything in between about the HR industry.

To be modest, I am just an enthusiast who is still trying to understand what all goes behind inducing the next big change, the transformation that we all love to talk about. Undoubtedly, it is the people and the technology that remains at the very core of this change, but in a people’s industry such as HR, the responsibility to inspire new actions, and business practices lies with technology. Whether it is mobile recruitment, virtual workplaces, or cloud computing, all these innovations are going to have a definite impact on the hiring sector.

From what I have learnt and understood:

Mobile recruiting will grow

Mobile explosion isn’t news anymore. It is for everyone to see and understand that the future belongs to mobile. Embracing mobile is not an option but a necessity in 2014. The past year saw a wide spread usage of mobile in recruitment and the trend is going to grow further in the future. As mobile computing goes from strength to strength, the application of mobile in recruiting will inevitably rise. More applications and functionalities related to hiring and talent management will be available on these devices.   For many recruiters, mobile isn’t even a new platform anymore, it’s is the platform.

The role of social networking in hiring to rise

Social tools have infiltrated every aspect of hiring. It is not only the professional networks that are impacting hiring decisions as many believe. In fact social networks like Facebook are also a major tool for recruitment, the reason being its sheer user base. With one sixth of the world’s population using Facebook, there is no way recruiters can ignore it. I myself testify to the important role it played while hiring new candidates for a vacant position. However, in order to leverage its full potential, you need to be a part of a significant community or Group, as it is called in Facebook.

Likewise, LinkedIn and Glassdoor have virtually eliminated the need to have a paper resume. With your entire academic and professional history out there on LinkedIn for every smart recruiter to see, one can say with a level of certainty that in future social profiles will entirely replace the need to have a resume. Such networks also have an incremental effect on the quality of hire.

Usage of Big Data Analytics Tool will find widespread acceptance

Like mobile recruitment, Big Data has been tipped as a key influence on recruitment sector. However, in the absence of effective analytics tool, the full impact of this path-breaking technology is yet to be realized. The future is going to change this. Vendors are piling up the market with their BigData Analytics tool, business intelligence solutions and data visualization tools to help recruiters make sense of the huge trove of available data. Big Data is basically a supportive technology that will help HR people make better decisions.

 Video going to be the new text

If you are one of those who still believe the world is flat or have just woken up after a long slumber, you could have missed the video metamorphosis that has engulfed the recruitment industry. Video interviewing, video conferencing (remote working arrangements), video resumes, and even video assessment are well on their way to become mainstream.

Gamification in recruiting? We will see more of it

IT research firm Gartner’s prediction tells half the story; Over 70 per cent of Forbes Global 2000 companies will have at least one gamified application by 2014, and 25 per cent of daily business operations will be utilizing some or the other aspect of gamification. Online contests, quizzes, competitions and simulated games will not only test a candidate’s cognitive skills and abilities, but will also create a long term and fun relationship between the brand and employees. The unmatched engagement that gamification provides is its biggest advantage.

Bottomline: Although we already know that none of our operations are devoid of some level of dependence on technology, it is only some disruptive ideas and technologies that have the metamorphic effect on entire industry. And I think that most of you will agree that the above discussed trends will have a conclusive role to play in shaping the future of recruitment industry.