Experience The Pleasure Of Deep Sea In Istanbul

Istanbul is the capital of Turkey and is located on the coast of the Sea of Marmara. It plays host to a wonderful array of shops, restaurants and attractions, with one of the most popular being the Istanbul Aquarium. Located around 800 metres away from Florya train station, the aquarium is open from 10am until 7pm during weekdays and 10am until 8pm on weekends. If you happen to be travelling in a large group of 16 or more, the Istanbul Aquarium welcomes making group bookings. This can be done by telephoning ahead, where you can also receive a discounted group booking price.

A Huge Variety of Species

The Istanbul Aquarium has some 1500 marine species that call it home, with around 15,000 total creatures on-site. The collection means that you are sure to find your favourite marine animal hidden away somewhere. The range does not stop at sea creatures, as many land-based animals are also accommodated in the gigantic complex. These are all spread over 64 tanks within the aquarium with a total capacity of 6800 cubic metres for the creatures to swim around in.

Experience The Pleasure Of Deep Sea In Istanbul

The Main Attraction: The Thematic Route

The Thematic Route is the star of the Istanbul Aquarium show and is, therefore, the main attraction for most visitors. Stretching out over 1.2 kilometres, the Thematic Route offers a unique opportunity to see the seas and oceans of the world from the seabed. As you pass along the tunnel, you will pass through each ocean or sea individually and get the chance to see and learn about the different creatures that dwell in each place. Touchscreen information points are scattered along the way to give an expert insight in both English and Turkish with videos and fact sheets available on all inhabitants. The route begins at the Black Sea, one of the 3 that border Turkey and takes you, via 14 ocean and sea sections to the Pacific Ocean, where the route terminates.

Other Facilities and Attractions at the Istanbul Aquarium

The Istanbul Aquarium is designed in such a way that you can spend an entire day there without becoming bored. This is because, in addition to the superb Thematic Route and species available to see and learn about, there is also an array of supplementary attractions on site. The 5D cinema shows 7 different movies at any one time and offers visitors the chance to see a film with a difference as all elemental forces can be felt. Wind, rain and fog all come to life within the movie theatre, resulting in an unforgettable experience. Should all of the excitement leave you in need of a rest and to recharge your batteries, there are a plethora of restaurants and cafés scattered along the excursion route serving up a variety of traditional Turkish and international cuisine that you can enjoy while you rest your legs. Remember that you will require a turkey visa to gain entrance to the country, so bear that in mind when making your travel preparations.