How NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy Course Can Change Your Life

If you aspire to succeed in beauty therapy industry, getting NVQ level 2 beauty therapy courses is very important. The course equips you with the necessary skills that you need to not only work in a spa or salon but also be in a position to start and run your own beauty therapy business.

Before enrolling for a NVQ level 2 beauty therapy courses, you will need to have acquired a NVQ level 1 course certification. In most cases, the course is scheduled to run for 2 years but this will be determined by a number of factors one of them being whether you are a full or part time student. Full time learners can complete the training within a shorter time but part time learners will find the course to be more flexible for them.

How NVQ Level 2 Beauty Therapy Course Can Change Your Life

What is include in NVQ level 2 covers

NVQ level 2 covers a wide range of modules. However, the content can vary depending with the place and institution offering it to you. Once you complete the course, you will be equipped with amazing skills to help serve within the beauty and therapy industry. Below are some of the course modules covered under this course:

  • Manicure and pedicure techniques
  • Facial treatments
  • Waxing
  • Lash & brow treatment
  • Massage
  • Make up & skin care procedures
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Health and safety
  • Communication skills
  • ICT skills among others

Going through these module courses will help equip you with essential skills that are capable of changing your career life as you venture into the beauty industry. The course covers both theory and practical lessons which prepares you for the actual business world. While theory lessons are offered within a class or online setting, the practical part of the training is normally conducted in a spa or salon environment where dummies, real clients and students are offered the actual services for you to learn.

NVQ Level 2 Assessment Methods

The assessment process is conducted throughout the course but at different stages. This allows you to gauge your skills you have accrued but based on the things you have learnt. You should also expect to handle written assessment which includes case studies for you to apply your practical knowledge in different situations.

What You Can do Upon Course Completion

NVQ level 2 beauty therapy courses can drastically change your life preparing you for a promising career. Upon completion, you will be in a position to fill one of the many vacancies in spas, salons, cruise ships and massage parlors. Trained beauty therapists normally make a lot of money with a potential of making £40 on hourly basis or even more. Additionally, you can set your own business if you are not the type that is interested in being employed.

Upon completion of NVQ level 2 beauty therapy course, you will also be in a position to develop your skills and industry understanding by enrolling for NVQ Level 3 beauty therapy course. NVQ level 2 will open great doors of opportunity for you especially if you train in an accredited institution.

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