New Mexico – An Exotic Spot In USA

New Mexico is a destination of both attractive features and history, culture and history is finely blend together to produce a hysterical and fun filled state like this, this is the land of Hispanic American roots with the early cultural habits still speaking in its every fabric, the pueblos who are known to be the Natives of America stay here as their natural habitat, the Hispanic history spreading over 500 years can be unearthed here too, many other tribes of American nation early in history can be traced back in New Mexico, besides historical features come very many breathtaking attractions like Bandelier National Monuments, Truth or Consequences to indulge you in hot springs bath, the exotic nature still prevails to allure any visitor of the destination.

Truth or Consequences:

1. Located at the T and C main street of the New Mexico, the place has a history of being visited by many tourists seeking natural healing of this hot springs dam, it’s right on top of an aquifer producing salty and odorless water which is believed to have hearings.

2. The water is thrown out at a high temperature of up to 110 degree Celsius; the salty water is believed to have medicinal value and is somehow mystical.

3. The Apaches christened the place as “a place of prayer” for sacred purposes and healing, it was believed that there are gods or the mighty God operating at the rising hot springs bringing healing to attendees.

4. Elephant Butt Dam is constructed just at the place to collect water flowing from the spa resort, many tourists also come to view the dam and some people engage in water activities around there.

New Mexico - An Exotic Spot In USA

New Mexico Natural Hot Springs:

1. New Mexico natural hot springs are a group of many hot springs found in the deeper parts of the New Mexico forests, the hot springs are found within the natural rocks in remote rocky places, to visit the springs involves the help of a guide who is familiar with the territories and the forest department.

2. The hot springs are known for their healing properties witnessed by the Natives for many centuries, reaching the springs destinations will require some sporting activities like hiking and mountaineering.

3. It takes adventuring to explore the rocky natural spas; the special guides will give the visitors orientations on the right gear to wear while visiting the hot springs.

4. Among the popularly visited New Mexico natural Hot springs includes; the Black Rock Hot Springs, located along the famous canyon of Rio Grande, many visitors frequent here owing to its nearness and easy access to swim in its pools.

Golfing in New Mexico:

1. There are a number of Golf courses which are very exotic all then year round, a visitor who is a golf lover and enthusiast can enjoy themselves here, besides the courses there are also beautiful resorts around the refresh yourself.

2. Ocotillo Park Golf Course:

Can be found lying along the North Eastern sides of Hobbs, it’s a very fine golf club with a fine course reputed in the region.

3. Coyote Del Malpais Golf Course:

The course is 18hole which is very finely made just found in Grants area, it’s open to public whom can freely exercise their golfing prowess; visitors can also join the fray to enjoy.

4. Angel Fire Resort:

Its located high around the rocks in Northern NM region, it’s a four season resort club with all the facilities to dine, golf, accommodation, hiking and many activities.

Ski and Resorts in New Mexico:

1. Red River Sky Area:

Located just in the town center, it has great snowboard and Ski with wonderful summer activities like hiking, fishing and golfing a top the mountain.

2. Ski NM:

Is just within the Albuquerque Street with up to 3 inches snow covering giving visitors skiing experience, with hotel and ski shops to visit.

3. Enchanted Forest Cross Country Ski Area located around the Red River within 10 minutes’ drive on NM highway, Carson National Forest, it offers all the best a Ski can offer with over 30Km of track, ski for dogs and even children.

4. Pajarito Mountain:

On the Eastern slope James Mountains, it offers more than 40 trails and three hundred ski-able space, one of the best kept secrets of NM skiing experience is found here.

There are too many exotic destinations in New Mexico to be explored, many hotels and resort clubs, golf clubs and Resorts, Skiing activities all over, hot springs healing spots, besides many historical monuments, get your ESTA visa to visit these exotic destinations.