The Best Beaches Of Sri Lanka and Why They Are So Popular


The island of Sri Lanka is very well-known for its beaches. The whole island is enclosed by the crystal blue Indian Ocean. Some of these beaches have a historical importance. The gorgeous, magnificent and panoramic sights of the western, eastern, southern and northern coastlines are more than enough for you to pick this island as your eventual holiday destination. Sunbathing is possible throughout the year because that the country has a tropical climate. The beaches close to the northern coastline are surrounded by palm trees, while the remaining part of the coastline is fringed with coconut trees. Below we discuss about some of the best beaches in Sri Lanka and why they are so attractive.

1. Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna Beach is situated south of Galle and is 120km from Sri Lanka’s capital city, Colombo. This beach is believed to find a place among the twelve best beaches on earth. The beach is a haven for all those who desire to relish the tranquility of the sea and dive deep into the vast ocean. A reef protects the beach and this makes it a perfectly safe location for bathing. Shallow waters for diving and swimming are the other chief attractions of this beach. There is a relatively well-preserved coral reef within its easy reach which acts as the base for snorkelling. It is the most suitable beach for all who are seeking for some interesting water sport activity such as swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving.

The Best Beaches Of Sri Lanka and Why They Are So Popular

2. Jungle Beach

The Jungle Beach is a small, attractive beach concealed in the Roomassala Jungle, far away from the public. The beach is an ideal place for snorkeling along the cliffs. It requires a bit of a trek through the forest and over the cliff to reach the beach but it’s well worth the effort. Although small, it can easily boast of golden sandy beach and very clear, tranquil waters which provide tourists with an astounding and loving beach experience.

3. Polhena

Polhena beach is approximately 2 km within the Matara city. This is a suitable place for surfing, scuba diving and sunbathing. This is a very well-known getaway mainly because of the natural swimming pool produced by the coral reef. There is not only a single beach, but it consists of several beaches along the coastline.

4. Weligama

Quiet, tranquil and vastly popular among the surfing beginners, Weligama is an alternative to the busier beaches situated further north. Several boutique hotels are found throughout Weligama and numerous surf camps are spotted along the main road. Visitors are outnumbered by fishing boats during the off season and the seafood is readily available and inexpensive. Among other fascinating things to see in Weligama is the Taprobane Island, which is a small rock island with a gorgeous accomodation built by Count de Maunay right after he was deported from France.

5. Hikkaduwa

Situated north of Unawatuna and Galle, Hikkaduwa is a broad, sandy beach with adequate chairs for accommodating a horde of tourists. The Hikkaduwa beach is strung out alongside the main road, which means that you will need to walk on the road every time you leave the beach. The beach town has an excess of seafood restaurants and accommodation. Because of the few rocks to evade and medium-sized waves, Hikkaduwa has become a reputed place for newbies who take surfing lessons from one of the schools that are located on the beach.


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