Top 7 Travel Places To Visit California

California is a charming city which from its diverse attractions attracts millions of visitors from across the globe. If you desire to have fun and amusement with your family, then obtain ESTA travel visa and visit California. The following lists few of the must-visit places during your trip to California.

1. Yosemite National Park

The Yosemite National park is greatly renowned for its magnificent granite cliffs, stunning giant groves, wonderful waterfalls, and diverse fauna and flora. Spanning a huge area of over 760,000 acres, this National park from its serene and tranquil natural beauty is sure to fascinate you. You can even hike amid 800 miles of trails and drive along its scenic routes to relish the amazing landscapes. Other attractions here include Glacier point, Yosemite Valley views, Museum, and historic places.

2. The Golden gate bridge

This is one among the most popular as well as greatly visited travel places in the US and California spanning over San Francisco Bay over a mile, it is also the world’s best and photographed bridges. The majesty of this attractive bridge can be relished by cycling, driving, walking or partaking in walking tour to learn more about its rich history. Have an ESTA visa to travel around the most fascinating places in California.

Top 7 Travel Places To Visit California

3. Big Sur Coastline

Stretching around 90 miles with the California’s central cost, this is one among the world’s amazing scenic driving routes. The Big Sur, covers about an area amid the foothills of the mountains of Santa Lucia and Carmel. Tourist attractions along this route include Bixby Bridge, historic 40-foot fascinating Sur lighthouse and more. You can certainly have a great time at this place.

4. Lake Tahoe

This is one among the world’s largest lakes which was formed during the ice epoch, about 2 million years before. Located at the border between Nevada and California, this is yet another most beautiful attraction of California. The lake is bounded by the majestic mountains; the famous attraction provides you an opportunity to do several adventurous and exciting activities such as the, skiing, paddle boating, swimming, sailing and lots more.

5. Disneyland

This is the world’s most amusing places to visit. Located in Anaheim, this amusement park is sure to people of all ages, especially kids. You can see here the Walt Disney movies and other characters for real. Featuring roller coasters, exhilarating rides, dazzling shows and the colorful ambience here will offer you everything which you desire to relish. It provides an adventure time to the entire family.

6. Death Valley

Death Valley, situated in Mojave Desert covers much of Death Valley National Park. Albeit, considered as the lowest and driest place in the North America, the valley offers wide variety of historic sites, outdoor activities and scenic viewing. Attractions include historic sites such as Scotty’s castle and lots more.

7. Venice beach

Beach lovers can have great time at this beautiful beach. It is one among the LA’s popular beaches. You can do several things such as sunbathing, biking, swimming and lots more here.

These are few of the fascinating places to visit in California. Acquire ESTA and visit these amazing tourist attractions.