How To Purchase Diamonds Properly?

We should carefully understand many factors when we plan to spend money for expensive gems, like diamonds. They can be very expensive and choosing high quality diamonds could actually be quite tricky. In general, choosing diamonds with proper knowledge could be like jumping directly to a pool with hungry crocodiles. Although we may often obtain genuine diamonds, it could have imperfection and flaws.

Without sharp eyes and attention to details, it is quite possible we buy overpriced items. Therefore, it is important to equip ourselves with enough information.

How To Purchase Diamonds Properly

In any case, we should try to get the finest diamond quality for the money. We could ony make sound decision by having the right knowledge on this matter. This is particularly important when we are dealing with exquisite products and expensive items like diamonds and other expensive gems. We shouldn’t consider them as ordinary items, because on the wealthy have them. Diamonds are available in many varieties and they can be so valuable and expensive.

Due to its clarity, appearance and uniqueness, diamonds are often considered as the most valuable and expensive among precious gems. They have smooth texture, almost transparent appearance and impressive shines. In reality, diamonds are made of almost entirely of a widely available material on Earth, carbon. But, while charcoal has disorganized carbon structure, the uniquely ordered bonds between carbon atoms make diamonds very hard, transparent and everlasting.

Diamonds are available in different colors, such as light pink and light blue. This is caused by variety of carbon structure and presence of other minerals. In fact, there are also black and brown diamonds in the market. Each has different degree of monetary value and rarity. However, pink diamonds are often considered the most valuable due to its overall rarity.
Pink diamond is typically mined in Australia and a carat of flawless pink diamond could be sold at $1 million.

Red diamond is another rare variant and it shouldn’t be confused with ruby. Ruby is made of aluminium oxide and chromium that produces the red color. Red diamond is still consisted of carbon assembled in a unique diamond lattice. Although ruby is still considered as an expensive gem, it is still cheaper than red diamond.

Overall, we should consider the 4C of any diamond, the clarity, color, cut and carat. Each consumer should understand these characteristics well, to avoid falling for the sales and marketing tactics of dishonest sellers. Pink, red and blue diamonds are the more expensive, while yellow is the least expensive. Diamond should be translucent or transparent, although there are also opaque types. Transparent diamonds are usually more expensive.

Carat helps us define the mass unit or weight of the diamond and we should be able to verify whether the diamond is genuine, if its volume corresponds to specific carat value. In general, fake diamonds are typically heavier than the genuine one. Cut defines the quality of craftsmanship. Skilled craftsmen can create diamond with excellent shape and polish. Smoother and intricately designed diamonds are usually more expensive.

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