Education To Child: A Most Important Challenge For Our World

Education is no doubt a basic necessity for a better life. In a realization of this, most governments have gone to great lengths to ensure that all children get this precious supplement for a more productive and self-dependence in the future. Regardless of the various measures being put to address the issues pertaining education, providing education to all children has a myriad of challenges. Among the challenges are the high rate of school dropouts, mistreatment in schools, the high cost of education, high numbers of enrollment,transport and distance covered to school, issues of children with disabilities, forms of discrimination, violence and bullying among many challenges. These challenges are apparently variant from nation to nation depending on level of development and government commitment to education.

1. School Dropout

-There is a high rate of children dropping out of the school system without completing the entire course.

-This might be due to constraining factors such as poverty, delinquency and general discipline concerns. Children who have a poor background may not be in position to sustain themselves particularly in countries where government support to education is insufficient.

-Other causes of high school dropout includes wars and conflicts in unstable nations, poor educational facilities and inadequate teachers who have made learners see education as a futile endeavour.

Education To Child: A Most Important Challenge For Our World

2. Cost of Education

-The need to make education available to all seems to have a major blow due to the high costs of the education system.

-Most parents and guardians are forced to dig deeper into their pockets to fund children’s education. In most cases, most parents may not have the financial might to provide for the family’s basic needs and fund education.

-This high education costs has led to children being enrolled in poorly maintained cheap schools whose education quality is insufficient to meet the ever developing dynamism and world problems.

-Such a problem also seem pertinent in developing countries which place the burden of education on parents.

3. Distance and Transport

-There are also raising concerns that many children are forced to cover long distances to school every day. In most cases such children cannot afford the transport expenses.

-In this event, children do not get to effectively concentrate and efficiently learn due to tiredness or disturbances on the way to or from school.

-This also explains why some children may develop repulsion to education.

4. Children with Disabilities

-These includes children who have physical, mental or social disabilities such as the visually impaired and mentally handicapped.

-By the nature of their being, it may be difficult for them to effectively learn with other ‘normal’ learners and this demands for special facilities for their education.

-Any bid to discriminate them or fail to provide sufficient and efficient resources for their learning will greatly hinder their bid to obtain education.

5. Discrimination, Bullying and Violence

-In a quest to get education, children are known to come to a great deal of violence and bullying.

-These heinous acts against children are committed at homes, schools and in the general public. In school, incidents of corporal punishment by teacher hamper education while at homes the same is meted on children.

-Gender biasness on education is also a major challenge to education. Bullying in schools affect the quality of education and such incidences should be reported to the authorities. Get a csa phone number and report any form of abuses on children in homes and education setups.