Careers In Marketing

A good product is worthless if proper marketing is not done to so that it reaches the proper market. Marketing is all about creating the right channel for selling a product and it is not easy as it seems at first. The first requirement of getting a marketing job is to have a degree related to the field. Other skills like interpersonal skills, analytical skills and knowledge about the product are also required to get hold of a good marketing profile.

If you are thinking that marketing is only about selling a product, you are having a wrong perception. The area of marketing is vast and there are a lot of opportunities that open up as you enter the world of marketing. First of all get a detailed understanding of the field and then move farther into the real world of marketing. Just because marketing looks fun from afar does not necessarily mean it is an easy job. A lot of patience is required to move up the ladder and grow in the field of marketing.

There are different areas in the marketing field and for each a different skill set is required. Here we are going to describe the various areas of marketing and the professions related to those areas:

Sales and Trading

This area of marketing is involved with everything related to the sales of products. The professionals in this area are associated with achieving sales of a specific target or analysing the changing and current trends related to customer buying experience and behaviour.

There are a number of positions related to the field. Let us look at some of them –

Sales Manager: The sales manager is responsible for setting targets for sales and also guiding the sales team under him to reach the goal.

Business Analyst: The business analysts help in increasing the sales through improvements of the business by analysing the business structure and its working methods.

Retail Marketing Associate: The retail marketing associate is responsible for handling the retail side of a business; anything from customer relation to changing consumer trends.

Design Marketing

The success of a marketing campaign depends on how good the design is and how attractive it is to the targeted customers. The content of the campaign should be creative and simple at the same time so that it holds the attention of the customers for a great span of time. Design Marketing is more inclined towards creative thinking and requires professionals having a creative background.

Some of the positions related to design marketing are mentioned below:

Content Writer/Editor: Content writers and editors see through the creation of creative content that are suitable for the marketing campaign.

Web Designer/Producer:Web designers and publishers are responsible in using the content written by content writers and also creating the visual outlook of the online campaigns.

Marketing Designer:The marketing designer looks at the whole process of campaign and make sure that the right content reaches the right target audience.

Careers In Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has become an essential part for promoting of online business and also for traditional businesses that needs to make an impact on a larger scale. Internet marketing requires professionals who have an understanding of the internet and the way it works for the proper campaigning. Listed below are some of the careers in internet marketing:

Web Content Manager:These professionals are associated with the overseeing of all content related to the business posted on the website.

Social Media Manager:Social media marketing is a trending thing among businesses and social media managers handle all content and campaigns related to products of the business along with brand advertisement.

E-mail Marketing Manager:E-mails are great way to get leads and market a new product or service. E-mail marketing managers see that product or service related news of the business gets a good reach without hampering its brand and promote awareness among customers.

Online Community Manager: These professionals see that the brand does not get any negative image on the web and are responsible for handling the company’s online reputation and also maintaining a good fan base.

Market Research and Analysis

Market research and analysis are required to understand the market to which a certain product can be marketed or the patterns in consumer behaviour.

Marketing Analyst:Marketing analysts are responsible for getting all the data related to a marketing campaign and measuring the quantifiable information regarding the success or failure of a campaign.

Market Research Specialist:To market a product better a good understanding of the market is required. This is what market research specialists are for and they do necessary research for providing information regarding the needs of a particular market.

Consumer Research Specialist:As the name suggests, consumer research specialists are perfect in their understanding of a consumer’s needs and what trends are they following currently in their buying pattern.

Product Management

The development of the products usually takes into consideration the marketing plans and product management helps in forecasting of the life cycle of a marketing plan. Here are some options related to product management related to marketing:

Portfolio Manager:Portfolio manager makes decision regarding how much investments should be made in a particular advertising or marketing campaign.

Brand Manager: Brand managers are responsible for branding of a product and deciding how to market the brand.

There are a lot of other opportunities in marketing than the ones that have been mentioned above. If you have degree in marketing or any marketing related field you have a lot of options to choose from. Even if you do not have a marketing background, do not worry; you can start from the entry-level marketing profiles and learn the art on the job.

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