How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System

Stress and Work pressure often takes the shape of depression and other psychological disorders that affect our overall well-being, resulting into imbalance to manage our live work and family. People often turn to various activity drinking, smoking and ingesting drug like marijuana to escape from the problems and stress. It is the most common escapist tendency of millions of addict from all around the world, sometimes for no reason they consumed the stuff as it gives them feeling of joy, but in reality they are in distress and they use it as defence mechanism without knowing its toll on the health.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System

You may call it weed, marijuana, pot; much of the debates is going on the effects of the drugs on humans to some it arouse anxiety and in some it induce psychosis symptoms. TCH is main compound responsible for any psychological change in the body of the user. TCH stimulates the brain to release compound called dopamine, which yields the feeling of euphoria and brings temporary mental peace in the user.

Indicators of drug use There are many signs and symptoms of the drug use both physical and behavioural that vary from drug to drug but there are some general indication that are usually seen in most in the drug addicts.mood swings i. e. bipolar mood disorder · Sudden change in the conduct · red eyes · indifferent about health and look · Runny nose · Withdrawal from the family · disturbed sleeping patterns The above-mentioned symptoms are generic ones; these are the common symptoms that are majorly seen in any drug user.

Sign and symptoms of the weed user :

1.lack of interest in life

2.loss of motivation

3.Apathy in ability to make decisions Health hazard of Cannabis abuse · Damages the brain:

According to the study done in 2012, the consumption of weed damages brain and hampers the cognitive activity as well.Damages stomach and digestive system: heavy use of marijuana often leads to stomach ache and nausea.

Natal risks and birth defects: If women consume it during the pregnancy, THC passes through the placenta that often leads to birth defect and various other cognitive defects. According to a study, if marijuana is use during pregnancy, the risk of fatal death increases three folds.

Although its effect vary from person to person but still there are certain drug test that help you in in knowing for the how long does weed stay in your system depends on various factor like the amount in which you are consuming, weight, and body fat. you can check for yourself with the help of urine kit that are widely available in the market depending on the usage here is list below on which you can make out in which category you would fall · One time user may show positive on the test for 1 to 6 days.

If you are a moderate user test would come positive for round about 7 to 13 days.For a frequent user test might come positive 15 days or even more.For heavy pot user test would be positive for 30 or more days.