Why Become A Flight Attendant?

Becoming a flight attendant comes with a variety of benefits, unlike those of any other job. Below are just a few of the many perks that come with as a flight attendant in the airline industry:

Unending Travel Miles

Probably the most obvious benefit to working as a flight attendant is the travel savings. You and your family will be able to fly at a significantly reduced cost. Many airline companies provide free stand-by flights for employees. Others provide a pool of guaranteed flight miles. Not only will you experience the free travel that comes with your job, it means that you can significantly reduce your family’s travel budget.

Why Become A Flight Attendant

Respectability in a Service Job

“In most service jobs, employees have to deal with rude customers who offer little-to-no respect,” said Jeff Bernett of The Travel Academy, an institution that teaches its students how to become a flight attendant. “Like other service jobs, being a flight attendant involves serving customers and catering to their needs. Unlike almost any other service job though, customers are required by a federal mandate to comply with your instructions. This brings a degree of respect not often found in other lines of service work. Because of its service orientation though, becoming a flight attendant doesn’t require much formal training and provides steady work hours.”

Flexible Schedule

The nature of working as a flight attendant means that most of your work hours are concentrated into two or three days of the week, leaving you with ample free time for the remaining days. This is an excellent schedule if you happen to be enrolled as a graduate student, or simply interested in pursuing other hobbies fully. You also have the flexibility to accommodate the demands of another job, even if it requires travel to off-site locations.

Transferable Skills

The skills needed to work as a flight attendant are easily translatable to many other industries. Your job in the air will encourage you to develop strong communication and interpersonal skills and how to work under pressure. Being a flight attendant will also teach you how to work well and function as part of a small team.