6 Tips For You To Lose 5 Pounds Fast and Get The Sexiest Look

Weight loss is considered to be a common problem which is found in every country. Because of large increase of factories and companies where foods are prepared for people, they are hooked on to eating oily and harmful foods. It is stated that by this problem, many women, even being willing to, but can’t expose their beauty.

It has been observed that majority of female is willing to cut their fat so that they will get smart and stunning looks. If you just have a look at the essence of the female mentality, here you will come to know that they want to be best at any cost.

6 Tips For You To Lose 5 Pounds Fast and Get The Sexiest Look

However, it is certain that being female, you also feel like being slim to expose yourself as something special to grab the attention of all and sundry, for the reason that being appreciated your heart will be over the moon undoubtedly. Here are 6 ways for you to achieve this dream of being attractive.

1) Swimming Reduces Calories

It is true that swimming is one of the best exercises for removing your excessive fat. Remember that this fat makes your personality unattractive when it is a question of your beauty. Swimming for thirty minutes can burn about 400 calories.

2) Tennis for Weight Loss!

For being smart, you have to play something not for enjoying but to get your goal to lose weight fast and here goes tennis. If you would like to be like Ana Ivanovic, Maria Kirilenko, Bojana Jovanovski, Sania Mirza and Maria Sharapova, you have to be very hardworking and fanatic to get involved in playing more than 2 hours daily as it is a great replacement of cardio. It is assured that you will have beautiful thighs as well as upper body.

3) Cycling for Burning Calories

It depends on your work that how faster you ride and this is really interesting to know that cycling is a great calorie burner while riding a bicycle outside is and enjoyable activity too.

4) Run in Park

It is also one of the best exercises to blast your tough body fat. According to research, everybody should run on grass without footwear. Duration of running should be about twenty-five minutes and within three weeks, you will get good change in your body.

5) Crunch Your Belly

Flat belly is your fortune whereas flabby belly makes you ashamed. Here you are supposed to crunch your belly for removing its fat to spend a few minutes on abdominal crunch machine. It is better to perform this workout before meal.

6) Hiking is a Calorie Burner

Hiking, especially in daytime, is ever such good activity to burn your extra fat. It is better to take time on holidays and go hiking with your family or friends and ensure that you spend many hours doing this outdoor workout.


If you just follow these all tips for being the sexiest lady, it is assured that you will definitely get to your goal to lose 5 pounds fast, but you should be serious and committed or else there will be no chance to get your desired body like a supermodel.