Wine For Every Occasion: A Beginner’s Guide

There are really no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting the best wine for a certain occasion, especially when we know that people tend to be partial to some wines based their personal preferences and taste. Here are several easy guidelines to help you go with the right wine for the right occasion.

White Wines

Being lighter and commonly drier than their red counterparts, white wines are best served at the beginning of the evening or just before the main course. Chardonnay, having a wide appeal among the vast majority of wine connoisseurs, also goes well with rich tasting courses, particularly those having dense, creamy sauces. While not as dry as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc still makes an excellent company with fish, seafood and salads owing to its fruity nature.

Generally speaking, white wine specials are a perfect solution for starting off an evening in a proper manner and are also exquisite for giving toasts and other special occasions. For instance, a tasty, sparling champagne is almost inevitable at wedding parties and other joyful celebrations.

Wine For Every Occasion: A Beginner's Guide

Red Wines

Red wines are simply great for main courses and are commonly served during a later part of a meal. Their full-bodied nature makes them a splendid complement to hearty, savory meals. In case you are looking for a wine that is most likely to please the most people, think Merlot, as it boasts a balanced mix of body and lightness, making it the perfect choice for a great many dishes, as pork, poultry and lamb.

The scintillating aroma of vanilla, plum and berries renders Pinot Noir an intriguing proposition for different special occasions. Not being as celebrated as Cabernet or Merlot, many people fail to recognize its unique blend, a perfect match for, say, rich, creamy sauces.

Shiraz lends itself as a fiery complement for spicy foods, having a peppery taste that can greatly enhance the flavour of BBQs, roasts and chilies.

For a hearty, full taste, look no further than mister Chianti, the optimal accompaniment to tomato-based dishes and poultry, wonderfully versatile and coming in a broad price range, so there’s one for every pocket.

Wine For Every Occasion: A Beginner's Guide

Let Your Guest Choose

One some occasions, you may want to offer servings of both white and red wines and have your guests choose which they would drink for the rest of the evening. As a general rule, people decide on their drinks early on and stick to them until the end of an occasion.