8 Pain Free Travel Tips For Frequent Flyers

Traveling is fun and fulfilling activity, but it can also be very uncomfortable. While traveling we are pretty much forced to face the many discomforts caused by those airplane seats, which often can result in unpleasant back or neck pain. The following tips will help you avoid and reduce this unnecessary pain.

8 Pain Free Travel Tips For Frequent Flyers

Lift Luggage in Stages

Back pain is often caused by lifting heavy item, because muscles are caught “by surprise”. This is why Premier Sports & Spine’s chiropractic experts advise you to move slowly when lifting a heavy piece of luggage and to break this action into smaller sections.

Bring Back Support

Airplane seats usually don’t provide proper support for lower back or neck. Jeff Bernett, marketing spokesperson for The Travel Academy says, “If possible, ask your Flight Attendant for a lumbar pillow to make your seat more comfortable. If you don’t have access to one, use a jacket, blanket or sweater to support your lower back. Just roll it up and you’ll have great improvised support.”

Support Your Feet

It’s very important that your feet are on firm surface while travelling. Also, make sure your knees are at right angle to avoid additional stress to your lower back. If you are driving, use cruise control for stress relief.

Pack Light

To avoid unnecessary strain, use luggage with wheels. Still, you will have to carry it to go up or down, etc. Therefore, use several small suitcases, or you can avoid luggage entirely by sending most of your stuff before and bringing with you small one with most your important items.

Check Your Posture

Align your back against your seat and make sure that the headrest is supporting your head. This should relieve pressure. Also, keep your shoulders straight and don’t flex them forward. If you are behind the wheel, adjust your seat to suitable position to avoid unnecessary pain while driving.

Move Around

Sitting for the long period of time puts stress on your lower back. Get up to stretch every 20 to 30 minutes if possible. This will improve blood flow and lower risks of forming blood clots, which is one of the main risks of sitting for a long period of time.


Make sure to stretch, it’s very important. Keep your hamstrings (muscles in the back of thighs) limber by doing exercises. Bend forward while standing, keep legs straight, and touch your toes. Hold position for 30 seconds. Sit on the edge of chair leaning forward, and put one leg behind as far as you can, keeping your toe on the floor.

Get Rid of Pain Easily

You can use ice packs or hot packs to relief pain. They are affordable and easy to use. Don’t use them over 15 minutes, because than they can cause more pain and swelling.

Use the tips you like and you will have a pleasant and pain free trip. Enjoy!