7 Most Common Accidents People Claim For

Every year, millions of people are injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault. If you have fallen victim to the same, it is your legal right to make a claim for compensation and you could be owed thousands of pounds. If you have had to take time off work because of your injury or you have been otherwise financially disadvantaged, that compensation could be just what you need to get your life back on track and resume your everyday life.

7 Most Common Accidents People Claim For

What are the most common accidents? Well chances are, your accident will be one of the seven we have listed below. Here are the seven most common accidents people claim for:

Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents are the most common type of accident people claim for in the United Kingdom. And that is little wonder, when you consider the number of vehicles on our roads (over 35 million). The most common injury sustained in road traffic accidents is whiplash.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and fall account for over a third of all workplace accidents. These usually result in minor injuries like bruises and swollen joints but they can cause serious injuries such as broken bones. If you have had such an accident, call a helpline for accident claims.

Contact Sport Accidents

Football and rugby league and union account for the most accident claims. Ice hockey also has a disproportionately high number of claims because it is incredibly physical. Where support is not given after an injury, people tend to make a claim.

Entrapment Accidents

Entrapment accidents are usually very serious and nearly all entrapments accidents happen in the workplace, especially in factories and in agriculture. Getting a hand or any part of the body trapped in a machine or even a door can result in serious injury.

Repetitive Strain Accidents

Repetitive strain accidents are very common in the workplace. It describes damage to the muscles, nerves and tendons of the body as a result of repetitive motion. This can be caused by excess manual lifting or even just by sitting at a desk all day every day.

Public Transport Accidents

Accidents on busses, trains, trams and other forms of public transport are common. Most accidents that are not defined as road traffic accidents are related to injuries sustained by falling luggage, overcrowding and door not functioning properly.

You would be surprised how many people suffer from food poisoning every year – over 500,000 people are poisoned every year. In addition to this, accidents can include having an allergic reaction to food or burning one’s mouth on food because of no warning.