7 Places You Must See In Dubai

Dubai, located in the Arabian Peninsula, is one of the best among the seven emirates of UAE. It is now a global hub and maintains a cosmopolitan culture. Once you are here you can notice extravagance and opulence and being housing the largest gold traders in the world, it is rightly called the City of Gold.

Dubai serves the best platter for the tourists, where they can enjoy modern shopping malls, architectural designs that are best in the world, buzzing ports, multi-cuisine restaurants, tranquil beaches and creeks, attractive skyline, desert safari, amusement parks and the list will continue to go and on.

7 Places You Must See In Dubai

The moment you get here, get service from Limousine car service for visiting each place. When you are in this luxurious place you should enjoy it with luxury! Driven by private chauffer, your limo rides will be more exciting as and when you visit each of the places.

Although there are number of places that must be visited during your stay in Dubai, but missing these 7 places will not justify your visit here.

Start with Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world which is 829.8 m tall and is obviously the landmark of Dubai. While you book your limo with chauffeur from http://tlt.ae/ mention that you want to start from Burj Khalifa.

The observation deck at 124th floor is something that you must not miss during your visit. The view of the city from that place is really astounding and you will fall in love with it. From there you will get bird’s eye vision of the city’sskyline and also watch desert on one side and ocean on the other. If possible visit this place again during night to see the famous city light panorama of Dubai.

Apart from visiting the observation tower, do walk around the building that is designed beautifully with gardens and walkways. You will find Dubai Fountain there that is the world’s tallest performing fountain.

Visit the Dubai Museum

Your next transfer should be to Dubai Museum that is located in Al-Fahidi Fort, Bur Dubai. It was built during 1787 for defending Dubai creek. It is built with traditional coral blocks that are held together by lime. History has seen it as the residence of the ruling family and then as seat of government, as prison and garrison. After it was restored now it is city’s premier museum.

Start your tour along this place from the courtyard and then move to halls situated at the left and right. You can see traditional boats, palm leaf houses, weaponry and Emirati musical instruments at this place. The ground floor also had exquisite exhibits of the traditional Emirati lifestyle

Palm Jumeirah is your Next Destination

During your limousine tour of the city, you next destination should be Palm Jumeirah, the man-made islands that are shaped like Palm tree. If you love sky diving, then it is the best spot for doing it. The marvelous view of the islands from space is indeed breathtaking.

There are lavish residential apartments on this island and it also homes the majestic Atlantic hotel. The hotel itself has many attractions that will keep you glued there for hours. Do not miss out Dolphin bay, aqua venture Water Park, lost chambers and ambassador lagoon.

It’s Time for Shopping, Visit Dubai Malls

While sightseeing Dubai by private chauffeur driven Limo, you should spend some time at the malls, just not for buying, but also to see! There are different malls out there and each of them claim to be splendid than the other. Dubai Mall has more than 1200 shops that sell almost every item available on this world. You will get almost anything here, from a candy store to top haute couture. Do not forget to step into Dubai aquarium while you are in Dubai mall. You can visit their site at http://www.thedubaiaquarium.comto know more about them.

Go to Mall of the emirates, where apart from shopping you can experience ski diving too, at -4oC. Yes, -4oC right at the heart of Dubai. There are penguin enclosure and ski slopes with chairlifts. Just enjoy them!

There are a number of malls and visit them if time permits. While you take Limo chauffeur service, ask them to drive through Sheikh Zayed Road, the main road that runs through the modern Dubai downtown.

Do not forget Gold souk and Global Village

While shopping, you must be looking for Gold, as Dubai is well known for it. Visit Gold Souk where you will be dazzled by the glitters and the opulence that the gold ornaments shows.

You can also spend some time at Deira spice souk where spices from all over the world are available.

Also spend some time at the global village where you can find stalls from 36 countries. You can experience mini world in this place as you can see their products, taste their cuisines and carry along with you some unique piece of their culture.

Enjoy Jumeriah Beach

Your visit to Dubai will be incomplete if you miss out the strip of sandy while beach, Jumeriah beach. There are lots of hotels standing along the beach and it is one of the most popular tourist places in the city. Get a tranquil restorative experience while enjoying the sunset at the beach. There are number of restaurants, sun loungers, water sports that will fill each moment spend there with fun and excitement.

Finally, its Desert Safari

Your tour to Dubai, the city of gold, will be incomplete if you do not enjoy Desert safari. Enjoy a bumpy ride through the sultry and mysterious desert. Your limousine may not be the right companion there, but you will get to hire vehicles that will make this safari exciting. To get more flavour of desert, book a cam and enjoy belly dance, mehendi artists, under starstudded sky. Arabian cuisine served there will make your trip a completely mesmerizing and memorable one.

Mentioned above are the best seven places that must be seen while you are in Dubai. However, while travelling from one place to another stop by other attractions like Bastakia Mosque, Dubai creek to enjoy the old Dubai.