How To Deal With Dandruff

Something that you cannot ignore, whether you are a man or woman is dandruff on your hair. They are just not embarrassing but eat up your confidence in front of others. Just imagine that you are well-dressed, all set to go for a party and then your companion notices those white flakes on your shoulders! You will feel doomed and will not find a way out of it then. However, although it may become difficult to manage the situation then, you can manage those white flakes easily if you go to theregular regime to treat them.

How To Deal With Dandruff

The following information may be helpful for you to treat those pesky flakes (thanks to consultants from “Hair Beauty Las Vegas” salon).

What is Dandruff and how they are Caused

Dandruff is a skin condition of your scalp where the scalp sheds off the dead skin. You can notice loose white flakes that fall off and may be found on the back and shoulders. Gradually, they may be accompanied by red, itchy, inflamed scalp which is theresult of overproduction of sebum.

There are three layers of your skin, the hypodermis, the dermis and the epidermis. The shedding takes place in theepidermis, the outer layer of your skin.  Sometimes, you may notice yellowish flakes; they too are theresult of excessive oil secretion. However, during winter, the dandruff increases as the scalp getdried, and the skin sheds off like dandruff.

Before you start treating dandruff, it’s necessary that you learn about the various causes that are responsible for dandruff. Some of the common causes are stress and fatigue, extreme weather conditions, fluctuation in weight, use of styling products and poor hygiene. The treatment of dandruff will be different based on whether the cause is aninternal factor or external factor.

Treatment for Dandruff

Once you know the major cause of dandruff on your scalp, you can start treating it. However, before you apply anything for removing dandruff, you must exfoliate the scalp so that the loose dandruff is removed. By massaging your wet scalp with Epsom salts is a good way for removing loose flakes while you are in theshower. To know more about it you can visit

Apart from cleaning you’re the loose flakes,it’s necessary to follow a regime that will allow you to keep the scalp clean and stop dandruff from coming back again. For this, you can use products that contain Zinc Pyrithione. These products will help you in soothing your scalp and at the same time will help in regulating over production of sebum.

Natural Remedies for Dandruff

Apart from using the different chemical substances available in the market, you can try out various natural remedies at your home that is helpful in controlling dandruff. Some of them are discussed here.

  • Tea tree oil is very useful for reducing dandruff from thescalp. Apply a small amount of this oil to the scaly patches of dandruff. This is strong smelling oil and also, may trigger anallergy. Thus, use it for a short period.
  • Aloe is also useful, mainly the thick fluid of the leaves of Aloe Vera that ease out dandruff from the scalp. That is very useful for scaly and itching skin and especially for people who are suffering seborrhoeic dermatitis. You can either the leaves of Aloe Vera and apply the juice directly to your scalp or buy Aloe Vera gel from themarket for using it.
  • Baking soda a common ingredient in your kitchen can also help you get rid of dandruff. Wet your hair and then apply baking soda to your scalp for few times a week. You will notice improvements once you use it for few weeks.
  • Olive oil may not permanent relieve from dandruff, but it is very useful as atemporary solution. Apply a bit of olive oil on the scaly patches. After an hour comb the area. Be sure that you are not applying excessive oil as then you have to deal with that too!
  • Try to be calm and stress-free. Stress, anxiety and depression are major causes that are responsible for dandruff. Thus, if you can control them, you can control dandruff too.

Consulting a Hair Consultant

After using the various products and the different natural remedies if you still find that Dandruff is returningagain and again then it’s time to consult either with a Doctor or a good consultant who will advise you to take proper steps and reduce dandruff.

There are different ways to reduce dandruff and until and unless you find out the real cause behind it you may not be able to get rid of dandruff. However, finding the cause may not be possible for you. In such situation take advice from hair experts and visit them. A good consultant will understand your problem and first try to find out the cause, which is responsible for dandruff in your scalp. Once they know it, just follow their treatment, and you will be free from dandruff.

Remember, to get rid of dandruff you need to take care of your scalp regularly. Dandruff will do not just nor embarrass you in front of others but will be a good cause for falling hairs. So treat it now.