Common Questions About Fridge-Freezers

Fridge-freezer vendors often get queries about their product lines and the best way to care for and maintain modern fridge-freezers. Here is a look at some of the most popular queries.

Common Questions About Fridge-Freezers

Q. Why won’t My Fridge Doors Close Properly?

A. Check first that the fridge is properly level – otherwise the doors won’t close properly. To do this, it’s best to use a spirit level. Most commercial fridge freezers have adjustable feet in each corner that will allow you to get the level of the unit just right. If your fridge-freezer has sliding doors, then check the runs along the frame to make sure that no obstructions or dirt are preventing a smooth opening and closing motion. WD40 is a useful lubricant once you are sure they are clean.

Q. My Freezer-fridge seems to be Warmer than it should Inside

A. Getting the correct temperature for your fridge is vital. Check that your condenser isn’t blocked or dirty. Switch off your unit and use your manual to find the condenser. Use a soft brush to clean it out gently. Once it is clean and dry, switch the fridge back on and allow around eight hours for it to get back to the right temperature.

Q. My hinged Door unit has a Gap in the Doors

A. When you buy commercial freezer from Fridge Freezer Direct for example, you’ll find that there is a gap in the hinged door models. This is a design feature that stops the inside of the doors attracting condensation. It also stops the doors from jamming when they are closed.

Q. How can I Adjust My Fridge’s Temperature?

A. You’ll find that each fridge and freezer has its own particular thermostat control. Ask the customer services team for more information when you buy a new model. Remember that it is vital to get the interior temperature within safe levels to avoid food safety being compromised.

Q. If My Fridge is Leaking Water, how do I fix it?

A. This can be because the thermostat isn’t high enough, which can lead to an excess of water and ice developing. Check that the thermostat is set to at least 3 degrees. If your freezer leaks water, it needs to be set at around -18 to -20 degrees.

Q. Why do My Shelves Keep Collapsing?

It sounds as though you are over-filling the fridge. Check your user manual and it will let you know what the maximum weight is for each freezer shelf. If this happens regularly, then why not buy a second unit to spread the load? Modern units come in a wide range of heights, depths and formats to suit all kitchen shapes and sizes.

Q. Should I get a Maintenance Contract?

If you are using a commercial fridge freezer as part of your business, then it makes sense to safeguard it with a maintenance contract and a regular service. The engineer will carry out basic maintenance work, check that vital parts are working properly and replace any necessary elements. This will extend the useful working lifespan of your unit.