The Perfect Vintage Combination: Wedding Dresses and Hair Styles

The vogue for creating your wedding style within a certain era is stronger than ever, and brides are taking cues from the 1920s flapper era through to the roaring forties, Mad Men-style fifties, chic sixties, disco seventies and even a bit of wild eighties.

The Perfect Vintage Combination: Wedding Dresses and Hair Styles

Tumbling Curls:

Remember that ‘vintage’ can apply to any look that invokes a feeling from an earlier age. For example, the seventies are very popular at the moment and synonymous with tumbling, lustrous curls that were never over-ironed. Braids and plaits are also very seventies and also highly in fashion at the moment. These softer styles work very well with the romantic feel of a wedding and are also very easy to create – looking extra-beautiful if you finish the look with some fresh flowers in your hair.

For Short Hair:

Short crops work with all kinds of vintage wedding dresses. Think of Audrey Hepburn and her pixie crop. Shorter hairdos can be complemented with the right make-up to give a sense of a vintage era – think Twiggy-style eye-liner for a sixties look or red lips and dark lashes for a forties vintage appearance.

Finding Inspiration:

There is so much inspiration that you can find online when you are seeking wedding hair styles to suit your own dress and look. Why not visit Style and the Bride for more wedding hair and beauty tips? You will find styles for all types of hair thickness, length and colour. Remember too that modern interpretations of yesterday’s styles can benefit from the current range of products available, which allow you to keep your style in place for ages without needing to touch it up.

Don’t be afraid to mix eras if you want to either – remember too that hair accessories and jewellery can look wonderful if you go for a more simple do. Let the jewellery do the talking and get some sparkle on the go. One of our favourite style icons, Keira Knightley, does a great line in hair accessories:

So whatever your starting point, let your creativity run free when it comes to your wedding. Remember that a trial run before the big day is essential to make sure you are completely happy with the look you are going for.