7 Must-Have College Items

Once you’ve gone through the whole process of preparing to apply for colleges, taking your standardized tests, filing your FAFSA, submitting your applications and deciding where you want to go, you have probably read just as much as you can bear about how you need to prepare. However, aside from all of the major logistics, there’s a few items that you will need to have if you’re going to get through college without any unnecessary hassle. That’s because one of the major keys to be successful and enjoying your time in college is having all the resources you need to ease your way through it all. Here are seven must-have college items.

7 Must-Have College Items1

1. Laptop

There’s absolutely no reason why anybody should go through college without a laptop. There’s a wide variety of laptops out there in a range of prices and quality, but no matter what, every college student needs something they can take with them to classes, to a cafe, or wherever you go to study.

2. External Hard Drive

With all of the data you will be downloading, creating and collecting, you need to make sure that you can have everything backed up and stored safely. You also want to make sure that your laptop doesn’t get too heavy and start overheating with its storage at capacity.

3. Printer

With all of the papers and projects that need to be printed, it simply doesn’t make sense to rely on the printers at school. Not only are library printers notoriously unreliable, but it’s terribly inconvenient if you always have to run to the library every time you need something printed.

4. Headphones

A good pair of headphones isn’t just great for being able to listen to music and podcasts, or watch videos in public places. They’re also great if you can get a pair that is noise canceling. That way you can really focus on your studies and not be distracted by your surroundings.

5. Backpack

A lot of college students try to get away with not carrying a backpack for fear that it will make them look young or immature. However, there are a lot of books and materials you will need to be carrying on a day-to-day basis, and if you’re not carrying those supplies on your back, then you could be putting a lot of undue strain on your shoulders and your spine.

6. Hot Plate

If you’re in a graduate program, like WSU’s EMBA programs, then you probably live in an apartment with a full kitchen. But if you’re living in the dorms, then you definitely want to get yourself a hot plate so that you can cook some basic meals from time to time.

7. Electric Kettle

In addition to the hot plate, an electric kettle is an incredibly utilitarian and versatile appliance. Not only can you heat water for coffee, tea and other hot beverages, but it is a safe and easy way to heat water for oatmeal, dry soups, pasta, and all kinds of things.

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