Designhill Review: Should You Crowdsource Your Next Design Project? is one of the largest design crowdsourcing and freelance platform that acts as the interactive, meeting ground for freelance designers and businesses looking to source graphic designs in a hassle-free manner and at affordable prices. It simply means that if you’re looking for that perfect logo for your business without making a hole in your pocket, Designhill is the right place for you.

Designhill Review: Should You Crowdsource Your Next Design Project?

But even if you have a hint of experience in the graphic design industry, you must already be aware that there are dozens of other such platforms.

So, why should you choose Designhill over others? What’s so special about Designhill? Is it any good or is it just another name in the crowd?
Here’s the answer:

Designhill is by far one of the most reliable, affordable and unique custom design crowdsourcing and freelancing platform.

Bold claim? Definitely!

But stay with us.

This online custom design crowdsourcing platform proves to be the best when it comes to budget and deliverables. What really makes this platform rather unique is its sheer multiplicity of skilled logo artists and designers associated with it.
Still not convinced?

Let’s assume you’re a small business planning to compete with established and long-time brands. With a custom logo as active branding tools, you’ll stand to gain more.

This is because better visuals can translate to higher consumer interest and sales which are necessary for your small business’ success.

The next logical step, then, is to hire a design firm to help with you with your logo design needs. However, ‘most design agencies typically charge bulging budgets, say $1000, for a professional logo design.

This is where Designhill provides you an optimal solution. Stretching every bill counts and nowhere is this more apparent than in a small business setting. With Designhill, you get the kind of logo design services you need at rates that won’t clean out your company’s bank account.

All you need to do is visit the site at and launch a logo design contest. The budget for launching a logo design contest starts at just $149 (inclusive of fees or commissions.) You get to choose from 100+ design options within 7 days of launching the contest.

This is by far the lowest price available for logo design packages made available by all other crowdsourcing platforms.

But it’s not just price that makes Designhill different? There are a host of other features and services that make Designhill a cut above the rest.

Let’s talk about some of the prominent features of Designhill that make it a standout in its category:

  • One-to-One Projects Designhill has created a 1-to-1 projects as a place for designers to collaborate with clients, receive payments and exchange deliverables all in one convenient location. This service provides a greater control and security of money to both.
  • White Label Service The first-of-its kind services launched by Designhill, ‘White-Labeling Service’ is an innovative feature that allows art directors, agencies, project managers, marketers and brand consultants to discreetly white label unique and creative designs for their clients, without giving away that the work has been sourced from Designhill. Not only does this feature makes it possible to maximize creativity, it also helps reduce overhead expenses by 10-15%.
  • Logo Store – The readymade Logo Store at Designhill provides businesses instant access to a carefully curated catalogue of thousands of unique and professional logos that can be browsed, purchased and customized at throwaway prices. Each logo listed on Readymade Logo Store is carefully hand-picked and thoroughly checked on strict quality parameters by Designhill Quality Assurance Team to ensure that only high quality logos are delivered to customers.


Designhill is indeed one of the best bargains of the design crowdsourcing industry when compared to 99designs, Design Crowd or CrowdSpring or other crowdsourcing platforms. The packages you get are quite reasonable and are worth trying.

With so many services and options, Designhill gives you that perfect graphic design you are looking for. It takes care of all your business needs with regard to designing. If you haven’t tried creating designs through Designhill as yet, do it now!

Launch a contest yourself. If you get what you wanted, well and if not, then also you will be at no loss as the company offers 100% money back guarantee.