An Effective Size Zero Supplement

Considered as a miracle pill in the body building community, the Clen has been used as a supplement that helps in rapid weight loss. The results are quite astonishing and can be observed in a very small time period. While many users have a fallacious belief of Clen being a hormone or a steroid but it is actually a bronchodilator initially used for the treatment of diseases related to respiratory conditions like asthma. Though not approved by FDA in the US it is a favourite among professional athletes and bodybuilders to boost energy and burn out unwanted body fat. This product is known to utilize the oxygen present in the blood in a more efficient manner aiding in the burning of fat content in the body faster while retaining the lean muscle mass. As a result, the temperature of the body is increased by about 0.5 degrees which helps in raising the body metabolic rate. For this Clen is popularly nicknamed as the ‘size zero diet pill’. The fat burning effect of this supplement can be increased to a greater extent if Cytomel T3 is merged with it.

An Effective Size Zero Supplement

Diet and exercise plan

The first and foremost thing that is to be kept in mind is that this supplement is not capable of producing miraculous results unless a proper diet and exercise routine is followed. In order to get the best results you must implement a strenuous workout routine with a low calorie diet. Many health experts sometimes recommend not using this product as you need to follow an equally tough diet routine as you had to without it to shed the extra kilos. But this is not a right advice to give as this supplement will not make up for the deficiency in your diet and exercise plan but will improve on an already existing disciplined routine. So this is more effective for professionals to implement this supplement in their training and nutrition programs to shed the last bit of fat in their body before appearing for a competition to give them a toned and well cut out look.

Dosage recommendations

For medication purpose the common dosage recommendations are usually about 20mcg to 40mcg daily. However, for performance enhancement purpose a starting dosage level of 40mcg per day works out fine, though for the fairer sex a 20mcg dosage is sufficient as women tend to be more sensitive to such supplements. If the body gets quickly adapted to this product you can use it continuously by slightly titrating the dose by 20mcg daily for the next two weeks and then going higher up by 20mcg per day form the third week onwards till the fourth week. Many users prefer to use it rotationally by following the two weeks on and two weeks off cycle. However, in no case should a dosage level of more than 120mcg daily or a cycle exceeding 16 weeks be implemented in the training and nutrition programs as it might result in cardiac problems.