Hotels On Windermere – Find Out The Best Ones

Over 200 feet deep and ten and a half miles long, Windermere is the largest natural lake in to enjoy in England. Fed by gigantic rivers and with a name derived from Old Norse which means “Lake of the man named Vinandr”, the Windermere was once used by Romans for transporting heavy materials. However, at present it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in England. The wealthy residents of UK have built some of the most extravagant and luxurious summer homes in Windermere which have now been transformed into hotels and guesthouses. These serve as temporary homes for the travellers visiting Windermere annually. These conversions serve as the backbone of accommodation in Windermere offering personable services and originality within an affordable range. Some of the best hotels on Windermere have been detailed below:

Hotels On Windermere - Find Out The Best Ones

The Samling

This gabled house was built during the 18th century and it still possesses the air of a royal country manor. Lounges packed with antique pianofortes and armchairs; walls decorated using watercolours and Wedgewood and tall windows featuring ruched curtains are some of the exclusive features of this hotel. The hotel possesses old-school elegance and offers an English ambience.

Brimstone at Langdale

This is a romantic dream hotel with an exterior made of local stone. Some of the most exclusive facilities available at this hotel include spa bathrooms, blazing fires, help-yourself boot rooms, private balconies and reading lounges with free drinks and snacks. The hotel stands boldly among pines and conifers. The furnishings in the hotel rooms are smart and spotless and they carry sophisticated detail finish and detailing.

Lake View Country House

This is also one of the best and the most traditional hotels on Windermere that offers a charming view of the lake. This hotel possesses all the significant facilities available at a country resort including spa and gym treatments, a pool and none-hole golf. It features a huge drawing room with stately sofas and antiques. Services offered at this hotel are dedicated and old school with the right combination of polite and sincere attentiveness.

Gilpin Hotel and Lake House

Gilpin Hotel and Lake House serves in the form of a stylish gateway with the well-deserved reputation of being a beautifully run accommodation in Windermere. The hotel offers true relaxation in convivial environment. Here, the visitors get good choice of rooms that range from the ones with mini spas to the garden suites. Great dining is also one of the greatest features of this hotel.

Beckmead House

This is an ideally located four-star hotel in Windermere serving as a great option for the ones who are looking for a break from the challenges of regular life. Rooms at this hotel feature central heating, private showers, complimentary toiletries and hair dryers. There are special menus available for the ones on restricted diets and the vegetarians. This hotel is one of the smartest choices for visitors on the Lake.

The hotels mentioned above are just a sample of the best hotels on Windermere and what the entire Windermere area has to offer to its visitors. As a visitor, you can get hold of anything from luxury spas to stay.