Waveless Order Fulfilment: The What and The How

Waveless Order Fulfilment is one of the latest innovations in logistics thinking. It involves the application of sophisticated software that enables warehouses to remain fully stocked without experiencing troughs and peaks in orders.

Waveless Order Fulfilment: The What and The How

What is WOF?

Also known as WOF, Waveless Order Fulfilment is essentially a methodology in fulfilment resourcing that is driven by software. It works by continuously drawing resources to a warehouse based on a combination of factors. The software uses sophisticated algorithms to ensure warehouses are fully stocked, based on the resources available from an array of suppliers, as well as people, space in the facility and logistics considerations.

Waveless vs Wave

Waveless differs from traditional wave processing in a number of ways. Wave processing effectively pushes orders into warehouses at intervals, across product lines, but without any consideration for the conditions within that facility. Waveless order fulfilment is essentially a more holistic approach, which takes all factors into consideration and interprets all those factors and their relationships to one another. With waveless operations, the valleys and peaks in resources that are regularly experienced in warehouse management systems using wave processing, are ironed out.

The Benefits of Waveless

Waveless order fulfilment actually saves money. It does this by reducing the amount of manpower needed to process orders, take stock and seek resources. Orders are more likely to be fulfilled without delay, resulting in better customer service, happier customers and fewer complaints. It also means warehouses don’t run on a lag in terms of orders, with everything staying up to date. In the future, such software may be as integral to a firm as pallet racking in Ireland is from companies such as www.duffydiscount.com/Pallet-Racking.

What are the Disadvantages?

Waveless software implementation isn’t suitable for all Warehouse Executions Systems or Warehouse Management Systems. The holistic software needs to be compatible with everyone involved, and in the most part it’s not possible to implement for that reason.

Overall Waveless Order Fulfilment is the ideal choice for a company that prefers a holistic approach to logistics, resources and people. It keeps warehouses stocked without overstocking, and means orders can be fulfilled without delay. Unfortunately those with a rudimentary existing warehouse management system, or those who rely on suppliers with such a system, will find it harder to implement such an approach.