What Features Make The Cannon Safe The Best Gun Safe In The Market?

Gun safes are an essential safety and security mechanism for those people who possess one or more firearms. Many states in the USA make is mandatory to have a gun safe if you own a gun. If you don’t have a gun safe, then in the case of gun theft, you will also be held liable for negligence. Two more important reasons to own a gun safe are the safety of your kids and other family members. A gun, if kept in the open, can be handled by the small kids without any information or knowledge and this can create a dangerous situation for the kids themselves and for the other family members in the house. A firearm kept in open is really like inviting the thieves and burglars to break in and steal the guns as well as other valuables in the house.

Cannon Gun Safe

For all the above-mentioned reasons, purchasing a gun safe is very necessary and it is also important to ensure that you are purchasing the best gun safe available in the market. Cannon has been manufacturing safes for so many years that they have created designs of the gun safe which are perfect and that is why the Cannon gun safes are the best in the market.

Features of cannon gun safe that makes them one of the best gun safes

  • The cannon gun safes are made of very thick steel and the area around the locking mechanism is protected with the triple hard plate. This makes the safe quite heavy and it is not easy to just steal the whole safe.
  • The Cannon safes are made with an anti-pry mechanism so that it is very difficult to pry open the safe using bars and other methods.
  • The gun safes from Cannon are quite large so that they can contain a large number of guns and valuables and it is really useful for people with a large collection of guns.
  • Cannon safes are installed with the EMP lock system which means that the locks to these safes can be opened in two ways. If the electronic lock has been damaged due to battery problems or due to flood or fire then you don’t have to worry about retrieving your valuables and guns from the safe. The EMP system can help you in opening the safe.
  • The cannon gun safes have the facility that they can be bolted to the floor of your home so that they cannot be easily taken away.
  • These gun safes are also fire resistant and they can withstand the high heat up to 1200 F for a period of an hour.
  • These gun safes are available in a variety of sizes and quite competitive prices so that there are safes that can fulfill everyone’s requirements.
  • The cannon gun safes also have the facility of adjustable shelves so that all types of guns can be kept in these safes.

With all these features the Cannon safes are the best choice for people who are interested in purchasing a gun safe for their home. These safes are perfect choices for people with a large collection of firearms because there are some cannon gun safes which can accommodate up to 80 guns and which is quite a large number. The safe can also accommodate other valuables because they have inner small chambers which can be quite useful. Keeping valuable like important documents, jewelry, and guns is the task of these safes and they do it quite well. Choosing the right safe for you depending on your requirements and budget is important so ensure that you get a safe which is of the best quality but still is available for affordable price.

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