5 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Grand Cayman Island

If you’re stuck on what to do for your upcoming vacation, have no fear. Take a look toward the Caribbean until your eyes settle on the Cayman Islands – more specifically, the Grand Cayman Island. Now, look at it. Isn’t it beautiful? Close your eyes – imagine the smell of salty sea and feel the sand sticking to your skin. Those blue skies reflecting that sky-blue water, calmly lapping waves against the shore. Ahhhhh. Doesn’t that just relax you so much more?

If it doesn’t, don’t worry. We have five solid reasons about why you should seriously consider visiting the Grand Cayman Island during your next vacation.

Stingray City Grand Cayman

  1. The Grand Cayman Island is home to Stingray City, so you’ll be able to get up close and personal with these lovable fish. I don’t know about you, but the possibility of holding these large, floppy pancakes sounds positively delightful. Perhaps you have a fear of stingrays, and there’s no shame in that. However, here’s your chance to get out of your comfort zone and understand the lives of these unusual-looking creatures. It’s a great opportunity to interact with the marine life in a more direct and educational way. As long as you listen to the instructor’s rules and obey them, you won’t get hurt.
  2. You can go diving into clear blue waters full of fascinating marine life. The Cayman Islands are great for both snorkeling and diving. It has some beautiful coral reefs as well as some underwater shipwrecks. Come for the beauty of the coral reefs, but stay for the haunted spookiness of the shipwrecks. While you’re at it, give Hell a visit and admire the black limestone formations on the West Bay. Do not walk on the formations – this will destroy them. However, walkways are provided so you can still observe the fascinating formations at a good distance. Besides, when else will you be able to tell someone to “go to Hell” and mean it in the best possible way?
  3. For those of you city folk, the Grand Cayman Island has a thriving metropolis. Would you rather stay closer to society and experience the thrills of city life? In George Town, you can explore museums, do some shopping, and visit the Mission House. In the Mission House, you’ll learn about the history of the Grand Cayman Island and its inhabitants. You can explore the city and see flora that is ubiquitous around the Cayman Islands, and you can see how the inhabitants live. This is a city you’ll want to get lost in.
  4. You can go at any time of the year. The Cayman Islands are much closer to the equator, which means that you don’t just have to go during the summer – which may be the busiest time of year. Instead, you could go during any time you have time. If you visit between the months of December to April, you’ll get to experience the delightful warmth that is so starkly contrasted with the winter you just emerged from. You can relax, work up a slight tan, read a little, and take a break from the stresses of everyday work life.
  5. It’s reasonably affordable. So often beachy places that are chock full of resorts come with a pretty fancy price tag that will make your bank account weep. However, the Grand Cayman Island is affordable. You can find great prices at www.grandcaymanresorts.com, or you can stay in other places that are also affordable. Try to budget your vacation and look for the best deals that will help you enjoy your stay without breaking the bank. The beaches are free, and you can relax on the 7 Mile Beach all the livelong day.

If the beautiful beaches and relaxing shores don’t tempt you, just remember that the city life and history is just as fascinating. You can go at any time of the year, which will give you a nice break from the winds of winter, and you can meet some fishy friends while you’re at it. Trust us – you won’t regret your vacation.