We would all love that extra special secret that will help mere mortals like you and me walk into a casino and walk out those doors with stacks of cash and a broad smile on our face knowing that we have beaten the house. Unfortunately there is no such thing and even though some may be luckier than others everyone has the same chance of winning. No matter if you’re playing the slots or spending hours enjoying a particular table game it really does come down to luck. Even if you’re on the winning streak of a lifetime eventually your luck will run out and the house will come out on top. Of course that’s not to say that you cannot improve your odds slightly with a little bit of advice and experience. Here are a few tips in order to help you beat the casino and help improve your experience.



One of the worst things you can possibly do in a casino, or even if you’re playing online at the RoyalVegasCasino for example, is to lose more than you can afford to. No-one wants to lose and often an overabundant amount of confidence can soon lead to you losing track of your finances. Before you even enter the casino you need to consciously be aware that you’ll likely lose it all. That way you can pre-determine exactly the amount you’re willing to lose and avoid any unnecessary trips to the cash machine when things aren’t quite going your way.


It’s very easy to get lost in the atmosphere inside a casino especially when they’re providing you with free drinks. This isn’t because the casino is really appreciative of your business they simply want to dull your senses to lessen your chances of making good betting decisions. Too much will impair your judgement and that’s when you can soon start losing track of the time and more importantly your money.


There is an endless supply of betting systems and strategies that you can employ in your gameplay. Many promise to improve your chances of winning but quite frankly if such a system existed casinos most likely wouldn’t. If a book you’ve picked up off the shelf details such betting patterns that will promise win after win why wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Some betting systems, particularly in Roulette, are simply a fun way to mix things up a bit but in the long run they cannot improve your odds of winning.


Playing hand after hand or watching reels spin and spin can be addictive and before you know it the hours could have just melted away. A casino won’t have a clock and with no natural light or windows it’s difficult to keep track of the time. Make sure you wear a watch and limit your time at each game you play. It’s important to have a break everyone now and again to collect your thoughts and more importantly keep a close eye on your bankroll and look at what you’ve won and lost so far.