What Are America’s Best Selling Condoms, and Why?

When it comes to having safe sex, condoms are your only alternative, as they provide you with protection against sexually transmitted diseases and lower the risk of unplanned pregnancies. However, condoms are not just ideal for safe sex. Thanks to many innovative designs that have been developed in the recent years, condoms are now increasingly being used as sex enhancement product to help spice up sex.

What Are America's Best Selling Condoms, and Why?

Why should you use Condoms?

Despite the importance played by condoms, the awareness campaigns that have been conducted regarding the need for their use, and the proven benefits of using them, some people still opt not to use condoms. Most of these people give flimsy excuses for not using them, for example, lack of the correct size, discomfort during sex, etc. For the sake of these people, here are the top reasons why you should wear a condom during sex.

1. They are very effective in protecting you against sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted infections are very common among people who are active sexually, and they are easily passed from one person to the other during unprotected sex. According to a report released by the Center for Disease Control last year, the rate of STDs infection had increased at an alarming rate in the US, and most of the infected people were not even aware (http://www.cdc.gov/nchhstp/newsroom/2015/std-surveillance-report-press-release.html). Therefore, unless you plan on abstaining from having sex, condoms are your only protection against these STIs, which include the deadly HIV virus.

2. They help to prevent unplanned pregnancies

According to statistics, condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancies. Therefore, using condoms during sex can help to protect you from unplanned pregnancies. The rate of success can be enhanced when you use condoms with other birth control products.

3. Condoms increase responsibility when having sex

Most conservative people view the use of condoms as a way of promoting promiscuousness, especially when they are used by teens and unmarried couples. However, contrary to these opinions, condoms help to promote safe and responsible sex. This is because people who use them have prepared in advance to have sex, and are very aware of the risks of having irresponsible sex and the consequences it can bring.

4. They help to enhance pleasure during sex

Nowadays, condoms there are several varieties of condoms available on the market, including performance and pleasure enhancing condoms that are designed to boost your pleasure during sex. Therefore, using condoms can be as much fun when having sex, and they come with the additional benefit of protecting you from STD infections.

How to choose Condoms

Condoms are available in different types, brands, styles, textures, materials, and even flavors, which can make it overwhelming when trying to decide the best condom to buy. However, despite all these choices, it is crucial that you find the best condom to ensure that it does not break or slip during sex. Finding the right condom also helps to ensure that both you and your partner have an enjoyable time (http://www.ripnroll.com/blogs/sexual-education/118050629-how-to-choose-the-best-condom-for-you-and-your-partner).

Below is a look at how you can choose the best condoms for both you and your partner:

1. Find the right size â?? the first step to buying a good condom is ensuring that you get the size right. For the best size, the condom should be snug so as not to slip during sex. However, it should also feel comfortable when you are wearing it (not too tight as this can lead to breakage).

2. Choose the material â?? the next step in choosing the best condoms is by deciding on the materials. Latex condoms are the most popular ones when considering the material, but you can also find non-latex ones in case you and/or your partner are allergic to latex.

3. Choose the type of condom that suits you best â?? choosing the type of condom to buy is where things get tricky for most people, as there are numerous options to consider. When choosing the type to buy you can compare condom and purchase the one you favour most. You can also consider the function/purpose of the condom (enhance performance or increase arousal). In addition, you can consider various styles: ultra-thin or extra-sensitive, extra-strong, textured/ribbed/dotted condoms, flavoured condoms, desensitizing, vibrating, or glow in the dark condoms (https://www.condomania.com/condoms.html).

Best Selling Condoms in the US

Due to the several varieties of condoms that are available, each person has their own definition of what the best condoms are. However, despite these different preferences, there are still some condoms that stand out from being favoured by most people (https://www.condomania.com/condoms/popular/best-selling-condoms.html). These include:

1. Magnumâ??s Bareskin Condoms â?? Magnum Bareskin Condoms are ultra-thin condoms that are designed to increase sensitivity during sex. They are 20% thinner than other Magnum condoms.

2. Beyond Seven Ultra Thin Condoms â?? Beyond Seven Ultra Thin Condoms are designed with a thinner sheath, which increases pleasure during sex. They also come with a form-fitting shape that has a narrower fit, thus providing them with the perfect snug during sex.

3. Naked Luxury Condoms â?? Naked is a popular brand of luxury condoms that are designed to provide a soft, snug, and comfortable fit. They are also ultra-thin and designed to increase sensitivity during sex, making them very pleasurable

4. Caution Wearâ??s Iron Grip Condoms – As the name suggests, these condoms are popular for providing a very snug fit during sex, which helps to prevent slipping. However, they are still comfortable enough to ensure that you enjoy a good time.

5. Okamoto 004 Condoms â?? Okamoto 004 condoms are extremely thin and sensitive, which provides a skin-like sensation during sex. They are also made using a stronger material, which helps to improve protection.

6. Glyde Blueberry â?? these are flavoured condoms, whose flavours are made using organic extracts from fruits and nuts. They are also completely free of chemicals and spermicides, which makes them ideal for oral sex.

7. Kimono Micro-Thin Condoms â?? they are considered as one of the thinnest latex condoms on the market, making them more pleasurable.

Where to Purchase Condoms?

There are lots of places you can purchase condoms, from your local drug store, pharmacy, convenient stores, sex shops, or even various stores at your closest mall. However, most of these places are very public, which might make you feel self-conscious or embarrassed as you are paying for them. Fortunately, there are other discrete options for purchasing condoms; online condom stores. A good example of an online condom store is Condomania.com, which is one of the premier condom stores in the US. The store offers a wide variety of condoms, alongside other sex products such as toys, lubricants, and sexual enhancement products.


Condoms play a very crucial role in providing protection against sexually transmitted infections, and preventing unplanned pregnancies. In addition, they are great sexual enhancement products, which can help to spice up things in the bedroom and ensure that you and your partner have a great time. Therefore, you should always make a point of purchasing condoms and using them during sex.