How To Make An Effective Product Label

Creating an effective product label is important in every business because this is what would tell the consumers what your product is about, as well as attract them in purchasing it. When your product is placed next to other products in stores, a good product label would make yours stand out among others, thus getting people’s attention and increase the chances of getting purchased. That being said, here are some of the things to put in mind to make an effective product label.

How To Make An Effective Product Label

  1. Consider the Colors

Yellow and red are colors that attract the eyes and entice consumers to purchase items. However, you don’t have to limit yourself using these colors. What’s most important is that the final design would be attractive and that it could compete with other brands. You should also check out products from other brands so you would have an idea about their labels. With this, you would know how to make one that would stand out from theirs. Plus, you should also consider the color of your container. It should work well with the colors of your label.

  1. Choose Your Image

Some choose to put the product name only on their label and not an image. However, you may want to add an image as this would also help catch the attention of consumers, especially if you have chosen the right one that would represent your product. You may use an image you have drawn or taken, or if you don’t have one, there are several sites where you can check out free photos that you can use. Be sure that it’s something that would speak of your brand.

  1. Don’t Forget the Product Name

If you have chosen to use an image, do not forget to add the name of your product. There should be a name that they would remember that would go together with the image or label that caught their attention. You want to put your name out there so add it on your label.

  1. Decide on the Label Shape

Like the color, do not also limit yourself on the shape that you will use for your label. There are different shapes to choose from. Make sure that not only it would look good, but it should also work well with your design and container.

  1. Select the Font

There are hundreds of fonts available. Your font should be readable but it should still say something about your brand. For instance, if you are selling beauty products, there are fonts that look girly and would go well with it. If you are selling hot sauce, you may also choose a font that looks like it’s screaming hot.

Once you have your label design completed, you should also consider investing on labelling machines. This would let you print your labels, which is more cost effective and convenient in the long run than outsourcing the work. Check out the machines at You may find something that would meet your printing needs.

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