Kayla Itsines Workout Guide Review

If you’re looking for a Kayla Itsines workout or the bikini body guide review, you’ve came to the right place for Kayla Itsines workout information!

Kayla Itsines Workout Guide Review

For a woman looking for a way to lose weight, the internet is a quagmire of competing programs. Different exercise philosophies, thousands of nutrition tips and regimes, hundreds of fitness personalities who promise that they have the secret of weight loss and health.

It’s overwhelming, and it’s hard to know which techniques or programs really work and which ones are just passing fads or a lot of hype with not a lot of substance. Being a woman on the internet is hard enough under any circumstances, but especially when she is trying to find out how to healthfully lose weight, the danger of being taken advantage of by pseudoscience and fad diets is very real.

Kayla Itsines Workout Beginning

That’s why it is so lucky that a fellow woman, Kayla Itsines, has put together the Bikini Body Guide. As a woman herself, this certified physical trainer from Australia knows the particular ways in which the female body stores and burns fat, and how to build women’s muscles to create the lean and beautiful silhouette that so many women crave.

The BBG workout works because it was carefully crafted from the ground up by a woman with the experience and expertise to create a comprehensive and simple to follow program that targets the ways that women lose weight and gain lean muscle.

Kayla’s massive following on Instagram knows that the Bikini Body Guide works. They know because they see it. Every day there are more before and after photographs of women who have gone through the program. Their transformations are incredible and allow no room for doubt that the program works.

BBG Workout Program

Kayla Itsines Workout Guide Review

So, with so many options out there, why is it that the BBG Workout in particular brings such mind blowing results?

Kayla Itsines Workout Cmplete Fitness Program:

Many other fitness programs focus on only one aspect. Either they focus exclusively on cardio, exclusively on strength training, or exclusively on healthy eating habits. The Kayla Itsines workout is comprehensive. Included in the Bikini Body Guide is a complete workout routine, conveniently laid out in a week by week format, and a complete nutritional plan that is super easy to follow.

When you buy the BBG workout, you will have a complete health and fitness program at your fingertips, and it is all laid out so simply and intuitively that you will never have to look anywhere else. Everything is included in one place.

BBG Workout Qualified Creator:

Kayla Itsines became a personal trainer in Australia at a young age, and she has been in the business ever since. Many workout regimens are hawked by celebrities and models who really don’t have any expertise about how fat is stored and burned. Kayla Itsines has not only the personal experience that comes from being in shape herself but the training and expertise to really know hot to counsel women as they get themselves healthy again. This is not a fad, this is a program based on science and years of experience.

A Bustling BBG Community:

Going it alone is always hard, no matter what the goal or journey is. Weight loss is no different. It’s one thing to have a fitness program laid out for you that is easy to follow, but even then it can be a lonely climb, and with no one working through it with you it can be so hard to self-motivate enough to continue on to your goal. The BBG Workout is not just an ebook or an app, but a community.

There are communities of women following the program across many of the most popular social media outlets. Facebook groups, the Instagram account, twitter…when you join the community who follow the Bikini Body Guide, you join a community of women on the same path as you who can challenge and inspire you to keep going on the days when you want to give up.

A Gradual Pace: Kayla Itsines’ Workout program works for women of any fitness level because it’s a graduated program, which means that in the first weeks the intensity is lower and gradually it becomes more difficult.

This prevents you from hitting the infamous plateau in your fitness routine. As you become stronger and healthier, the workout routines keep pace with your progress, so you are constantly being challenged and you will never get bored of your workout routine.

Simplicity: The BBG workout works because it’s simple. Just follow along with the beautiful week by week ebooks or the sleek and intuitive app. No complicated equipment or specialized training is needed to reach your highest potential. You don’t have to know a lot about muscle groups or fat burning techniques, just simply follow along, the program does all the rest for you.

Complete Nutrition: The Bikini Body Guide works because it makes it simple and easy to stick to a healthy diet. For most of us, eating unhealthily isn’t a deliberate choice we make, it’s just something that is easy to fall into.

With all the stresses of life, it’s so much easier to reach for a donut or stop for some quick fast food than it is to sit down every week, compile a week’s worth of delicious and healthy meals that will give us complete nutrition while remaining within our caloric allowance, then make up a whole shopping list. The Bikini Body Guide includes complete weekly menus that come with handy shopping lists, making it easier than ever to stick to a healthy diet that will feed you with everything you need to continue to grow healthier and stronger as you go through the weeks of the workout.

There are so many exercise programs out there right now, but the Bikini Body Guide truly stands apart. Made specifically for women by a woman this complete program is everything that women need to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. Now women can step off of the fad diet merry-go-round and truly commit to Kayla Itsines Workout bikini body guide for a healthy, strengthening, motivational, and positive for themselves.