5 Traits To Look For In An Authorized Autodesk Reseller

There is no question about the fact Autodesk programs are an essential part of the design and construction industry. Without these platforms, many companies would find themselves at a loss on how to proceed with business as usual. For something that is so necessary, it is remarkable that the actual purchase of these programs can be riddled with complication. As every authorized Autodesk reseller is different, it is important to operate a high level of discretion when choosing where to make your purchase. As with all industries, there is a spectrum of quality on offer, and you have to be careful to identify the best option.

5 Traits To Look For In An Authorized Autodesk Reseller

So, how can you ensure that you’re purchasing from a reputable reseller? We’ve narrowed down 5 features that demonstrate a company’s reliability and professionalism when it comes to an Autodesk purchase:

  1. Program portfolio. Clearly, the first thing to be investigated is whether or not the reseller is able to provide all of the software required. Most resellers will have AutoCAD, but what if you also come to need Revit? What if you also want to use Inventor and Vault? A good indication of an established reseller is whether they are able to supply a diversity of programs, providing for the various needs of their customers.
  2. Consultation and advice. It’s also highly possible that you will require assistance with identifying the programs suited your circumstances. It is a good sign if the reseller is willing to meet with you to discuss and evaluate your requirements, and you shouldn’t have to pay a fee prior to this meeting.

A reseller who is able to help discuss your goals and identify the best software is likely to have knowledgeable representatives employed, so you can be fairly confident in assuming that you are dealing with a reputable business if this option is on offer.

  1. Training. A change in software can often be pretty disruptive to a company’s operations, due to the time and effort required for staff to familiarize themselves with the new system. This impact can be minimized if the reseller offers a training program for your software, allowing business to resume as quickly as possible.

This training program should be customized according to your particular needs, with different options for how it will materialize. Given the potential impracticality of an in-person option, live video instruction and remote training should also be possible. However, some companies do wish to benefit from actually having an individual present to deliver the training, and so the reseller should also be willing to send instructors to their location or to host the training sessions at their own premises.

  1. Affordability. If you’re choosing between several resellers who all offer similar services and programs, their prices must inevitably be taken into consideration. All other things being equal, the most affordable reseller is the obvious choice.

If possible, they should offer software packages that are designed for particular types of projects, such as construction, architecture or 3D animation. A package should come to a lower total cost, as compared to the alternative of buying each program separately. These kinds of products demonstrate an awareness of their customer demands, and imply that they are able to tailor to individual requirements.

  1. Customer support. Aside from the FAQ section on their website, there should be a variety of ways for clients to obtain customer support with ease and efficiency. You should be able to call them for support, and any emailed questions should be answered promptly. The provision of virtual remote assistance can also be very helpful in certain circumstances.

Whilst it is easy to perceived an authorized Autodesk reseller as a mere software middleman, they have the ability to offer so much more. In fact, it is these extra efforts on their behalf that allow them to mark themselves out as leaders in their field, and prove that they are the right company to serve you and your ambitions.