Useful Tips To Prevent Split Ends

Split ends are the antithesis of healthy hair. Sadly, in today’s world of excessive styling and products, pollution and sun exposure, it’s all too easy to see your hair ending up dry and brittle and the ends splitting. It’s one of the most common forms of damage, and as with many things, prevention is better than cure because the only true cure is cutting them off! Read on for ideas of how to protect against split ends in the first place.

Useful Tips To Prevent Split Ends

Keeping Trim

The easiest way to avoid split ends is to have a regular trim every six to eight weeks. It might seem silly to keep cutting it, especially if you’re trying to grow your hair, but in fact it can stimulate growth and keeps the shape of your style looking smart.

Dry Naturally

Every now and then, don’t be scared to let your hair air-dry. The hair dryer, straighteners and curling tongs wreak havoc on your hair. Constant use will take its toll.

The Strong Products

Any chemical-based product runs the risk of drying out and damaging your hair, so look out for plant-based and natural products. It might be worth trying a specialist product like KLORANE shampoo with mango butter, available online from retailers like

Useful Tips To Prevent Split Ends


Eating a well-balanced diet is so good for our general well-being, and the condition of our hair is no exception. Drink lots of water and eat a range of fresh fruit and vegetables in as many colours as you can to maximise the nutrients. The right diet will keep your body healthy and help keep your hair strong from the roots down.

Hair Care

When the sun is beating down or it’s breezy, tie your hair up or wear a hat. The less it’s exposed to the elements the better. And if you brush your hair before washing it, while it’s still dry, you’ll get rid of knots without causing the damage that brushing wet hair does.

For more information on all things hairdressing, see the Guild of Hairdressers site. You’ll have your gorgeous hair back before you know it.

Before you take to cutting your hair yourself, remember that just having a pair of scissors does not make you a hairdresser – any more than having a camera makes you a photographer!

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