The Main Economic and Environmental Advantages Of Scrap Metal Recycling

There’s no doubt you’ve heard about the large recycling industry of metal – it has been in existence for decades, after all – but still many people are not aware of the numerous benefits this industry offers. The foremost argument for recycling (metal, as well as other resources) is on the basis of going green and saving the planet, and whilst this is certainly a very good argument to make, there are many other reasons why this particular industry deserves our support.

The Main Economic and Environmental Advantages Of Scrap Metal Recycling

A significant amount of the metal used in modern products is derived from recycled material – and that’s great. However, the trend has to continue, and we can do more. Have you ever wondered why? Here are the main economic and environmental advantages of scrap metal recycling.

The Environment

It’s been repeated so many times that it’s come across as a cliché, but it’s nevertheless the truth. Metal that is simply thrown away and dumped does pose a great threat to our very existence. But it goes further than that: the creation of new mining grounds requires large areas to be deforested, and the actual mining of ore and the turning of it into usable metal takes up much more energy and water than the recycling industry does. It’s a no-brainer; recycling is a great contributor to the welfare of our planet, and this benefits all of us.

Helping the Economy

Recycling has become a very big industry, and although much of it is becoming more and more mechanised, it is still labour-intensive and requires human ingenuity. The number of jobs that the recycling industry is providing keeps on rising, and there is no doubt that a large portion of the economy is dependent on making sure that old metal becomes a new, re-usable resource. The way things stand, often those employed in the recycling industry are actually earning higher than average wages as well.

Cheaper Goods

The mining of new ore and transforming it into usable metal takes up a lot of energy – more energy than taking the old and making it new. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that recycling will only get cheaper with time, and this means that there is a potential goldmine in savings (no pun intended) that can be passed on to the end-consumer. The recycling of scrap metal can ensure cheaper products for all, as experts at scrap yards Dudley offers confirm.

It’s really common sense – especially when you consider that the current trend is going for the sustainable option. Sooner or later all mines will be depleted, anyway, and it will be a shame not to do our part knowing that the advantages of scrap metal recycling far outweigh those of continuing old-fashioned mining methods. It’s in everyone’s interest, anyway – in more ways than one.

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