Buying versus Leasing A Photocopier: A Comparison

Deciding between buying and leasing a photocopier is a tough choice. On one hand, you want to bring home something that is really useful. On the other hand, you might not be able to afford it. Photocopiers have been around for a long time, but they still cost a lot. In as much as you want to buy one, you still have to reflect whether it is really in your best interest or not.

Buying versus Leasing A Photocopier: A Comparison

Buying a New Photocopier

The main advantage of buying a photocopier is that you become its owner. You can decide when to use it and for how long. You also don’t have any obligation to anyone. You have already paid for it so you can use it for as long as you want. The downside is that you might have to pay a lot initially. This could depend on the type of photocopier that you have decided to buy. Besides, photocopiers are just like any other gadgets. They evolve quickly. Before you know it, a higher quality photocopier model has been released and it has better features. Worse, it is sold at a lower price. Therefore, you don’t want to invest now and regret later on.

Leasing a Photocopier

The amount you have to spend to buy a new photocopier might be a strong reason why you should just go for a photocopier lease instead. There is no acquisition cost. The monthly fee for the lease is cheap. You might also get an upgrade the next time you decide to partner with the same company for photocopy leasing. You might not be the owner of the photocopier, but you have made the most out of it. Besides, if you think there are better photocopiers in the future, you can easily just finish the current contract and go for a newer photocopier in the future. Consider photocopier leasing Oxford offers if you want only the best.

Choosing between these two options is quite tough. However, you know your business better. You should evaluate your needs. Eventually, you can make a decision based on the results of your evaluation. If you think you will use the photocopier frequently and you are making money out of it anyway, there’s nothing wrong in spending a lot of money to buy one. On the other hand, for short-term use, go for a lease.

As long as you stick with high quality photocopiers, it will be fine. You should start searching for the best place to lease a photocopier with the right terms and conditions so you won’t have a hard time along the way. Soon, you can start photocopying important documents for your business and for other purposes.