Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight

When you have a fat body, you always want to look for the fastest way to lose way so that you can get a new image of yourself and feel good about it in a short time. There are a lot of ways to lose weight fast but most of these methods are unhealthy and do not yield permanent result. The following are 6 unhealthy ways that people commonly use to get fast weight loss result.

  1. Follow a Fad Diet

It is easy to be tricked into following a fad diet that claims to help you shed several pounds in a short time. An example of a fad diet is the sleeping beauty diet where the patient consumes a sedative medication to help himself to sleep for a number of days so that he does not need to feel hungry and eat.

You should not believe the claims made in a fad diet because they are not backed by medical proof. Fad diet encourages you to eat only a little and this can cause your metabolism rate to drop and your muscles will become softer. Because you have been trying to starve yourself, your body will grab every opportunity on holding on to each calorie in the food so that you can grow fat faster even when you just take in a little food.

  1. Taking Diet Pills

Diet pill is one of the most popular method for lose weight fast. Diet pills should only be used as an aide to help you lose weight. They are meant to be used as a replacement for your daily meals. Many can cause side effects on the body so it is important that you take the pill carefully.

Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight

In order to achieve permanent result, you should combine it with a good lifestyle by eating a balanced meal and doing regular exercises. If you want to buy a diet pill, make sure it uses ingredients that are tested in clinical trials. Besides, the pill should not contain ingredients that have been banned by the FDA. In addition, you can do some research and check to see if the diet pill is regulated by an accredited organization See this page.

  1. Deliberately Make Yourself Vomit Out Food that You Just Ate

Some people purposely make themselves vomit after eating a meal because they think that doing so can prevent the body from absorbing the calories from the food. They assume this is all right as long as their hunger is already satisfied after having eaten a meal. Making yourself throw up can make you feel unwell and this can encourage you to binge on junk food that leads to obesity.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is said to have the ability to suppress hunger and many people who want to lose weight the fast way don’t mind smoking to arrive at their weight lost goal faster. You must understand that suppressing your hunger will cause you to skip your meals. When you don’t eat your meals promptly, your body will become weaker. Smoking can leave a lot of negative side effects such as lung cancer and infection.

  1. Taking Laxatives

Obese people who are lazy would take laxatives in hope of losing weight through diarrhea. Constantly having diarrhea can be dangerous for your health. The laxatives can cause serious stomach upset and making you want to go to the toilet several times. It will weaken the digestive system and cause abdomen related health issues.


In conclusion, the best way to lose weight is to make changes to your diet and start spending a few minutes to exercise every day. If you need help in your weight loss, it is recommended that you buy a FDA approved diet pill.

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