Refurbishing Old Buildings In Beirut

As most old cities with a long history there comes a time that they need to be refurbished to modern homes. This is not only to improve the aesthetic look of the street but to make sure that the building is compliant with the high safety standards required in modern homes. Archistyle & Design have the capability to do just that.

Mohamed Hamdoun who went to the University AUB and a professional Architect owns the business. He is extremely knowledgeable of the requirements to do such refurbishments creating superb modern homes. It is not only the homes but the great facilities that are designed to go along with these exquisite homes such as great shops in the internal patios of the homes. If you need a company that has the knowledge of the local Lebanese architectural culture then you do not need to look further than Archistyle & Design.

Modern complexes

Even though old parts of this great city needs refurbishment from time to time it also has a lot of new modern projects that are in progress. Projects such as the Beirut Terraces which was built bearing in mind the city’s past as well as contemporary Beirut. It is done with the knowledge of Architects like Mohamed Hamdoun who understand the history and culture of this rapidly growing part of the Middle East.

It is well designed taking into account the greatest asset that Beirut offers which is the lovely moderate climate. Therefore the designer needs to take into consideration how to incorporate the outside and indoor spaces so that the inhabitants can enjoy both. Mohamed Hamdoun is one of these architects and with his team can design, oversee and complete the project within budget and minimum problems.

Shopping complexes

Like all city dwellers, they need amenities. Mohamed Hamdoun has been involved with building apartment blocks such as the Beirut Terraces and understands which amenities will be the best return on investment. Amenities such as saunas, steam rooms, massage and pools which are in high demand by inhabitants. With a number of expatriates and foreign investment in Beirut and surrounding cities, it is important to understand the different cultures. Mohamed Hamdoun with his experience in America and the Middle East knows which designs, shopping complexes and amenities will suit the different cultures.

Along with the numerous apartment high-rise buildings that Archistyle & Design have been involved with, there is also the multitude of shopping complexes. They are designed to blend in with the surrounding buildings and in such a way to give the best shopping and dining experience.

Having a successful project relies on the efficiency and expertise of the Architect. Mohamed Hamdoun has over 20 years of experience both in the Middle East and America therefore very capable to give sound advice. This is right from the inception of the project to do with design, supervision of the construction and up to completion. His track record speaks for itself with all the projects that can be seen throughout Beirut.