3 Keys to Improved Vehicle Safety

Getting out on the open roads or even driving around your local town can be troublesome at times.

Even when you are doing all you can to be a safe driver; some things are out of your control.

With that being the situation, what are you doing to make sure your rides are as safe as they can be?

Protecting You and Your Vehicle

In making for the safest rides possible each time out, don’t lose sight of these three keys:

  1. Relying on your experienceFrom the day you received a learner’s permit, you in all hopes have been a sound driver. Yes, it is a big responsibility each time you sit behind the wheel, but it is an important one nonetheless. Make sure you lean on that experience when you drive. Practice in your mind what you would do if someone is driving in a reckless manner. Would you confront them or do your best to steer clear? What do you do when your vehicle breaks down? Do you make an effort to get to a safe place off the main part of the road? Last, what do you do when driving in inclement weather? The hope is you give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go. In being responsible, you and others on the road all win.
  1. Prepping your auto – Although you’re not going to give your auto an inspection each time out, be alert to problems. This will entail making sure there are no major potential breakdown issues. Remember, any number of such issues could cause you to have an accident. That said much of that you can prevent when you are pro-active. Make sure to keep a regular check of things such as tires, brakes, lights and more. If you are lackadaisical with those matters and others, you could be set up for an accident. It only takes a bad tire or failing brakes to make you lose control of your car or truck. Not only can that lead to an accident, but serious injuries could be part of the equation too. Last, you could be at fault if your vehicle was not in good enough shape to drive at the time. If that is the case, your wallet or purse could take a hit.
  1. Don’t get distracted – If you are one who has a knack for distractions, that can come back to haunt you when on the roads. For example, do you need to send or receive that text or make a phone call while operating your car or truck? Short of an emergency, the answer is of course no. Even in an emergency situation, do your best to get off the road and to a safe spot to use your cell phone. If you have another driver distracting you by being aggressive, do your best not to engage them. All that will do if you do interact with them is lead to potential trouble. Even if you avoid an accident, there could be a confrontation.

Vehicle safety does of course have a lot to do with the vehicle itself. Whether you have a typical vehicle or the sports car you’ve always dreamed of, play it safe.

That said you have a large margin of control over how your vehicle performs.

Make sure you have safety in the front passenger seat with you at all times.


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