Important Information To Know Before Hiring A Gas Installation Engineer

Opening a catering service is both exciting and challenging. It is exciting especially if you have always dreamt of having this business for a long time. However, it is also challenging since there are a lot of requirements you need to deal with and standards to be met.

Important Information To Know Before Hiring A Gas Installation Engineer

Before you even look into the cooking part of the business, you need to deal with gas equipment installation first. You can’t cook anything if you don’t have the appliances necessary for cooking. You can easily buy them. It’s not a problem. The problem is installing them and making sure they are totally safe for use.

This is where the need for a gas engineer enters the picture. They are highly qualified to do the job. They understand the law and will make sure the gas equipment is safe for use. They can even recommend the brands that have approval from the government to be used in a catering business.

Repair and maintenance services

These engineers are a huge help when you are still starting the business. This does not mean that you don’t need their help anymore once your business is already in full operation. You still need their help. Your appliances should receive an annual service. You need to submit the Gas Records Safety report to the government. This should be updated. Otherwise, your business runs the risk of being shut down.

The service is necessary each year, but you can ask the engineer to come over more frequently if you are concerned about the safety of the people working in the area. You may also use equipment that engineers deem as high risk. In this case, they might have to provide safety certificates every 6 months.

Don’t hire unqualified engineers

If you have a commercial gas installation London based gas engineers can provide maintenance services; the first thing to look for is quality. Price is also important but you should not settle for someone just because you think he can provide cheaper services. Unqualified engineers or those without a proper license should also be avoided. Even if you hire them to do the job, the report they will give you will be not valid. The government will not recognise it. If someone suffers from an accident or is injured at work because of gas related problems, you will be in huge trouble. Your business could even be shut down.

The best option is to look at the Gas Safe register so that you know which gas engineers or companies providing gas engineers can provide great service. Don’t take the risk when it comes to safety. You have worked hard for your business to succeed.

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