What To Know About The ‘Dear Women’ Project

From birthdays and anniversaries to Christmas and Easter, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to celebrate something. However, until the ‘Dear Women’ project was launched, there had never been a special, organized kind of way to let those who inspire us throughout life know just how important they are.

What To Know About The 'Dear Women' Project

Who created the Dear Women Project, and why?

Along with lots of other women around the world, Chicago designer Emily Asher was a committed supporter of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US election. Her defeat by Donald Trump was a huge disappointment, but Asher was seriously impressed by the sheer strength of character that Clinton displayed throughout the election. This made her think deeply about all of the other amazing women she had known in some way throughout her life, and how much comfort and inspiration they provide.

Is ‘Dear Women’ about Inspiration?

It’s about acknowledging and celebrating women who have inspired you on a personal level, and indirectly, those whose earlier work and sacrifices paved the way for the women who followed to achieve that little bit more.

How do you Participate in the Project?

It’s very easy. Simply write letters to ten women who fit the bill. Writing actual letters isn’t something many people do very much anymore, so Emily Asher designed a set of lovely notecards that can be used instead. Fittingly, these feature images of iconic women and a quarter of the profits raised are diverted to charities that support women in various ways.

What To Know About The 'Dear Women' Project

The official project is taking a break in 2018, but you are free to send those letters to ten women you feel have changed, shaped or positively influenced your life in some way. Hand-delivered messages are nice but not always practical while using the same day courier in Reading is speedy and convenient. There are usually lots of options, as companies like uk-tdl.com provide same day courier services in Reading.

Words are valuable

There is something special about receiving a hand-written letter.

The time and effort invested in the process say as much as the words inside – and in this case, they are already extremely powerful.

Get inspired and acknowledge those fabulous strong women who have helped make you who you are today. It’s time to celebrate!

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