Environmental Advantages Of Aluminium Radiators

Did you know that aluminum is thought to be more eco-friendly than cast iron or steel? This is due to its ability to be molded into complex shapes and because it can be recovered and recycled easily. And being the most abundant metal on Earth, it’s also the most popular material for producing radiators in the UK. In recent years many innovative designs have been produced which use aluminum rather than stainless steel.

Environmental Advantages Of Aluminium Radiators

Previous Use of Materials for Radiators

Although steel has often been much cheaper and more popular than aluminum, it needs more effort and energy to remove it from the bauxite it’s been deposited in. Before steel, cast iron radiators were being produced, but it proved to be not only heavy but also slow to transmit heat and susceptible to casting flaws. In contrast, aluminum radiators are very lightweight, and the lower melting point during its initial processing essentially means less energy is used to make them.

Environmental Advantages Of Aluminium Radiators

Why Use Aluminium to Make Radiators?

One of the most positive aspects of aluminum is because although it’s the most plentiful metal on Earth, aluminum which has already been extracted can be reused. This is in contrast with other raw materials which have to be continually extracted. In addition, you don’t have to turn them on for very long before the room temperature rises considerably, so it makes using them perfect for areas of a home that are used infrequently. As a result, radiators made from aluminum will ensure lower gas, electricity and water bills.

And if you need any more reasons to use an aluminum radiator, they’re also much easier to transport and install. So when you choose a reputable company such as apolloradiators.co.uk/Category/3/header/3/radiator-ranges, you know you’re getting value for money and an energy-saving option. It’s also less of a headache to change over to aluminum as opposed to casting iron or steel. In terms of style, they come in a range of shapes, sizes, colors and even futuristic designs so will look good in most rooms of a home. And because they’re lightweight, they’re easy to install on all kinds of walls, whether they’re internal or external.

So the next time you put your drinks can in the recycling bin, remember that it could end up as a part of a brand new radiator!

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