4 Important Points To Know When Visiting Barbados

Everyone knows Barbados is a dream holiday destination due to its temperate climate, white sandy beaches and beautiful; oceans, but there is plenty more for the island to offer than simply the beach. With a vibrant nightlife, plenty of outdoor activities and stunning landscapes Barbados can be whatever you want it to be, many people leave the final bit of research up to a few days before departure as there are always other tasks to complete such as looking for rentals in barbados. We have investigated a few options for different activities, sights and eateries to help you with this task. Most people will only have a few days to a couple of weeks on this paradise so it’s good to make even a simple itinerary in that way you will discover much more on the island than a few beautiful beaches.

What to see:

An easy one to begin with, but any of the countless bays and coves around the island are the perfect locations for sunrise or sunset. You can see the awesome power of the Atlantic Ocean on the North and East coast and it hits the coast of Barbados if you are lucky you will spot some world-class surfers take on the waves of the west coast. For something a little more tranquil the west and south coast offer more of your standard beach scenes with relaxing boardwalk strolls and white sandy beaches.

Inland you will come across the gems of Hunte’s garden, a locally owned garden ran by a horticulturist with an affinity for bright colours. An ideal location for a picnic or to take some time for yourself.

The more adventurous of you can explore the cave systems in Harrison’s cave or animal flower cave. The first contains beautifully formed stalactites and a dramatic underworld, while Animal flower cave allows you to see the beauty of the ocean as it comes toward the much of the cave system on the island North coast.

For those seeking a little more history and culture of the island the town of Holetown and the capital of Bridgetown have several museums related to the country’s history, culture and government. An easy way to see some unique points on the island while gaining a little knowledge of the colonial history of Barbados.

What to do:

Barbados rum is an as famous as its beaches and has experienced more by a global audience than this beautiful island is. Therefore, a visit to one of the islands functioning distilleries is a must. There you will learn the history of the Rum on the island, the importance of the industry to the island and of course the distillation of the Rum itself. St. Nicholas abbey and the foursquare rum distillery are two very famous distilleries still functioning on the island.

For the more aquatic friendly visitors, there is an endless number of activities which will allow you to see the island from afar and from underwater. There are scuba diving schools, submarine tours, snorkelling and charter catamarans and yachts which allow you to explore much more of what the island has to offer. Not many locations around the world provide you with the opportunity to ride in a submarine so it is something which should be looked into.

The coral system of Barbados has an abundance of wildlife and give you the opportunity to swim with many different species of animal, turtles being one of the most popular animals discovered off the coast of the island.

On land, you may discover monkeys, crabs, varying species of birds plus a mongoose. Just keep your eyes open and they are sure to make an appearance when you least expect it.

If you are interested in seeing some more of the ideal, the highest elevation only reaches 340m making it an ideal [place for those who enjoy a relaxing stroll, there are plenty of pathways that criss-cross the island allowing you to discover many hidden viewpoints and places to relax.

Hunte’s garden is a favourite amongst visitors as are the dramatic views along the north coast.

Where to eat:

As the west coast plays host to most of the beaches and main visitor amenities it’s also where you will find it easiest to find a nice meal, be it local or otherwise. Some of the more off the beaten track beaches will have some of the freshest seafood around if you are seeking something a little more traditional such as crab.

The national dish of flying fish and Cou-Cou is a brilliant mix of Caribbean and African flavours and should try on a visit to Barbados, it can be found all over the island and once traditionally served on Fridays but now it’s available throughout the week.

As with food, drinks can be found in the main tourist areas and of course the distilleries.

Where to stay:

The western side of the island and the capital Bridgetown will have the largest selection of accommodation on the island and it’s here you will find places with the more affordable prices. The closer to the beach you are the more explosive the areas become and with that higher prices. Do a little research before you go to ensure that you find a place within your price range.

Now that you are armed with this information maybe you can make an itinerary for you and your family to enjoy the true Barbados experience.

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