5 More Things To Know Before Taking Part In Clinical Trials

You may have started to read up on what it means to take part in medical trials, and below you can find out more about what will be involved before deciding whether it’s for you or not.

1. If You’re Scared of Needles This Isn’t for You

At the best end of the scale you may be waiting around reading a good book or playing games, but to get there you might have to give a blood sample or two. You may also have to give a blood sample to get on to the relevant programme.

2. Aftercare Is Very Important

Just in case it is not mentioned in the small print, the onus may be on you to seek out appropriate aftercare with your doctor. During the paid medical trials, it might not be known what all the side effects are for the drug, so it is better to cover all bases, especially where your health is considered.

3. You’re a Free Agent

When you sign up to become a drug tester, you are usually free to leave the trial if you are finding the testing situation too intense. However, your options should be considered carefully beforehand rather than at the last minute. If you have any doubts, it is better to ask the facility any questions you may have.

4. There Are Several Companies to Choose From

It is important to do your research to see which company is likely to best suit your needs. They include:

UK Clinical Trials – https://www.ukctg.nihr.ac.uk/ (Though some of these are paid and others are voluntary).

Covance – https://www.covanceclinicaltrials.com/en-gb/ (Based in Leeds and has a walkthrough tour on their website).

Trials4us – http://www.trials4us.co.uk/ (Based in London and is the largest medical trials company in the UK).

5. Read the Paperwork

Although this is hinted at above, it cannot be repeated enough that you should make sure that you read the small print on any document you sign. Although you may be strapped for cash, especially as a self-funded student, you should always consider your health.

Hundreds and even thousands can be made by taking part in clinical trials – it is just up to you now to do the groundwork and do some research to find the right opportunity.

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