Vegan on Fleek

There are many ways of winning in today’s world. It seems that Veganism is one of the top-ranked lifestyles that are contributing to a better health and world. Even some worldwide recognized figures such as Ellen DeGeneres and others have adapted to a “animals are friends, do not eat them” lifestyle.

Here is the thing; most people do not understand that going vegan does not mean you have changed to become a new person they are meeting for the first time. Well, diet, wallet, belief, and spiritual-wise you are a new person, but you are still the old buddy who still enjoys hanging out, partying, travelling, gambling online, and we invite to the weekend BBQs, wedding reception and a whole lot of parties we can enjoy together without ruining your new belief.

How about inviting family and friends to your world? This is how you host a Barbecue Braai.

The Barbecue Braai! Just like your counterparts like it, could be loud music at your backyard or the Sunday family and friends picnic braai, whichever way, it still the way it was before. Whichever dish you select to make it look good as possible. This is how you get them to ask for more.

Grilled/ Marinated/stuffed vegetable Zucchini

Zucchini can come in handy at a BBQ Braai. Grilled, marinated Zucchini or stuffed vegetables can come out to be a perfect delicacy. Have your family and friends ask for more by choosing an amazing recipe. You can have Zucchini while enjoying sports book online via a full bar with food and beverage service. You can look up the Zucchini recipe on a vegan-oriented food website.

Burgers and vegan sausage roll

It is possible to come up with new ideas and play around with your creativity, make it worthwhile. Burgers and sausage rolls are mostly included to braai parties. Rabbit food lovers can substitute meat on their burgers and sausage rolls by involving vegetable stuffing and jackfruit which is meaty flavored but anti-meat.

Veggie Kebabs

There are many ways of substituting meat with veggie products. The Veggie Kebabs can also be part of an awesome dish. Veggies take less than 20 minutes to prepare and the end results are just perfect. While enjoying mobile slots with friends, you can involve summer squash, onions, mushrooms, green pepper ­(color of your choice), tomatoes and other veggie products you wish to consider.

Corn on the cob

Consider including corn on the cob in. Preferably the grilled cobs covered in butter will still hot, will be an awesome chooses. Make sure they cobs are fresh, that is picked from the garden the same day you host your braai.

Vegan’s wine and beers

As a committed vegan, you choose not to eat certain foods or drink certain beverages.  You have to research on the type of drink you like. Animal products can be indirectly included when making beers. For instance, beer filtering includes a fish product called the isinglass obtained from a fish bladder. Therefore you can make use of organic wine.

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