The Ultimate Glossary Of Terms About CFD Trading

Amalgamation A method of calculating commission, in which a collective commission is charged after the total daily transaction instead of separate ones. The advantage of this method is that the cumulative commission will be paid even when individual transactions didn’t meet the minimum commission threshold. Ask “Ask” refers to the price where you can buy,… Continue reading The Ultimate Glossary Of Terms About CFD Trading

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Online Betting in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country in Polynesia. According to the laws of New Zealand, online betting, as well as any sort of gambling, has legal status with specific terms and conditions. The annual turnover in the online betting industry is over 2,000,000,000 NZD. Online betting and casinos in New Zealand cannot conduct legal activities, but… Continue reading Online Betting in New Zealand

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Renoir Painting Stolen

Talk of art theft, a famous Renoir painting has been stolen just before it was about to go under auction. Some people may not be able to understand why they would be so much fuss over a painting. However, if that art is valued at more than €160,000, there will be a fuss. Renoir Paintings… Continue reading Renoir Painting Stolen

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