In Case of Emergency: Being Prepared for Web Outages

Just like in any emergency it is important for your business to have a back up plan for when your website is out of commission. Being prepared for these type of emergencies will help you survive and make it through the outage. Even just a few minutes of downtime can cost your company revenue, let… Continue reading In Case of Emergency: Being Prepared for Web Outages

Print is Not Dead…Totally

Though we live in a technologically-based environment, print media is still an important part in our day-to-day lives. Contrary to popular belief, print media is not dead, well, at least not yet anyway. Because it is still alive, there is no reason why you, a small business owner, cannot take advantage of print media advertising.… Continue reading Print is Not Dead…Totally

Design Is The First Priority

Don’t judge a book by its cover. While most of us are probably familiar with this old age,  we still make judgments each day based on sight alone. It’s not petty. It’s human nature. Beautiful people. Interesting architecture. Art. As a species, we humans appreciate things that are aesthetically pleasing. Websites are no exception to… Continue reading Design Is The First Priority