How Athletes Can Avoid Ringworm

Fungi causing ringworm skin infection thrive in warm, damp environments, such as the floors of locker rooms or public showers etc. An athlete should always be very particular in wearing the right material clothes in order to keep the skin healthy. For instance, it is a good idea to wear moisture-wicking clothes for keeping the germs at bay. Also, athletes tend to sweat profusely, making them more vulnerable to ringworms and other fungal infections. So, an athlete should wear clothes made from natural fibres that keep the skin non-sticky .

How Athletes Can Avoid Ringworm
Ringworms are often transferred from animals to humans. Therefore, avoid touching pets that have signs of ringworms, and wash hands immediately after touching. Also, if you know that your pet has ringworms, then wear gloves and long sleeves when handling the pet. Most importantly, take the pet to a veterinarian and get treatment.

A regular check-up of the skin is profoundly significant for keeping skin abnormalities such as ringworms away. Go through regular checkups with certified dermatologists.

Reference: Ringworm a Serious Problem Among Combat Athletes

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