Best Chance For Iran’s Nuclear Deal Says Kerry

During a meeting of the American officials, Iranian officials and other related counterparts In Geneva, U.S. John Kerry, and Secretary of State said that all the respective authorities are closer on the nuclear deal than ever.

Kerry said that exhausting the possibilities and remedies of diplomacy is essential. It is the best chance that we have ever had in several years to continue Iran’s progress.

The proposal for an agreement according to which some penalties on Iran would be put in exchange of the measures that no steps are taken to develop a nuclear weapon in the Middle Eastern country has met considerable resistance. Some Congress leaders have opposed the deal saying that the Tehran leaders are not trustworthy.

Kerry insisted to continue the talks saying that it is the initial stage where we can determine whether a single step would be put forward towards the progress or Iran or not. He added that a potential deal would not provide them the power to develop a nuclear weapon.

Best Chance For Iran’s Nuclear Deal Says Kerry

In the meeting, Israel seemed to be interested in disrupting the nuclear deal powers of Iran. While Iran attempted to reach the deal.

One of the participants in the meeting said that we are not going to allow this proposal to be reached or vote in acceptance of the agreement as it does not address our fundamental and core concerns.

However, Kerry stood there as a negotiator in the meeting organized in Geneva that lasted for three days. Those discussions ended up without any conclusion to the agreement as some of them anticipated, still, we are hopeful that it could be concluded soon.

Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister of Iran said that we are all alike and this is the major force that helps us to move forward.

Similar to the talks that were organized earlier, the current discussions also involve the participation of the Iranian delegations and the members of U.N. Security Council. The permanent members of the council include Russia, United States, France, Great Britain and China. Germany is also a part of the council and also stated as P5+1.

A US official stated that the ambiance is positive and the Western countries expressed their condolences for the bombing that took place in Beirut nearby Iranian Embassy. One of the officials said that we are waiting to get the best deal and will not rush to reach any conclusions with respect to the deal.

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